Tag: stones

  • Landing spot

    #writephoto #stones what are these stones – spread across the grass? directional points when people pass? or foundation spots for a grand temple hall holding up planks for a great big wall perhaps they were places for pigs sheep or cows but why the odd shapes ? don’t ask me how an odd thought – […]

  • Puzzled


    #MLMM The aliens were a little bemused for while floating around earth, in the sky they spotted something , that made them confused and made them ask each other why? for sat by a stretch of a sandy beach a little girl stood surrounded by sea attracted by the balloons – there were two or […]

  • One of a kind

    #fowc #unique Unusual – standing out from the crowd Never seen in a pair It sticks out from the other shiny stones as it has Quite colourful characteristics Upto now – its sat there hiding among the pebbles Except – it wasn’t to know you would be walking on by

  • Stopped


    #waterwheel #promptuarium There was a time, where this mighty wheel would turn the stones, that would crush the wheat for the flour that made your morning bread Today however, it’s taking a day off for some clever person thought chucking stones into a stream was a good idea and while the fish go another direction […]

  • Stacking

    Up above the basalt hills some creatures they were playing they thought they’d be safe up high in the clouds so they just carried on wi their stacking Little flat and greyish rocks stood on top of each other one mountain dwarf enjoyed the fun so he called on his brother And together – they […]

  • Underground


    #SoCs #Cave #Underground I’ve never been a pirate or had thoughts of being a caveman but someone before me thought it would be great to trade minerals or metals – they found in their home for some meat, or berries or something else the shiniest stones cost the buyer more fruit as the seller spent […]

  • Crown

    #writephoto #crown Sat atop the hill of wheat Circle of stone sits on throw of green Ancient throne perhaps ? Regal walk through a field of gold A crowning glory Before harvest time

  • Cooking off hot stones

    the mercury rose again today over at the campsite….they don’t need a match just a circle of stones baking in the mid morning sun plonking the pan on top and waiting waiting for the small drop of oil to start sizzling.