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  • The best pet i never had

    Another #Napowrimo prompt from Maire @ #Writeclub enjoy the poem! I In my life i’ve had a few pets and lots of trips to the local vets i’ve had a dog and lots of cats but i’ve never had a giant fruit bat II You see i always saw them at the zoo and watched […]

  • Day or night

    #writeclub #astronomy #day #night #worldpoetryday Whilst morning skies bring an occasional dash of colour don’t forget to take your umbrella to see the light show When the sun goes to sleep a carefully choreographed carpet of velvet cascades across the sky with far off stars all trying to grab your attention Crab, Bull and Ram […]

  • Mannequin

    #WWP #Mannequin Call it a teenage obsession peering thru a shop window with the models on show Beauty captured perfectly – in plastic displaying the latest fashions – for mum , nan or even sis Staring at the standing models got more than attention from shop assistants on the display But among the varied crowd […]

  • Moondance

    #wdys Making the most of that precious opportunity, when in the field out of the last rays of sun, just before nightfall – Luna makes an appearance down below her – the children skip and jig and above them – feathered friends flap excited as night begins to fall children will be called in as […]

  • Wisps

    #octpowrimo October Skyline Sends out a creepy message Halloween is near You could say its light from the moon or street lanterns but summats moving Calling to them all whether dead or alive its halloween – jive! so out with message invitation for the night enjoy a good fright

  • Brush


    #WWP #Brush bringing a splash of colour to the white canvas reds blues and greens mingle creating something most pleasing to the donors eye artist imagination (or perhaps water) – the only obstacle to transferring the vision to the board Making a mess ? he doesn’t think so all art is subjective when you look […]

  • Day/Night

    #octpowrimo #Day #Night Sunshine popped up from Under the horizon – The beginning of a New day Snoozing flowers taking a stretch Helping themselves to a bright spot In a Moment, new shoots will Negotiate their way through the soil Elevating themselves to the clouds Now when the sun has done his bit Excitable little […]

  • Staring at the Moon

    Staring at the Moon

    #MLMM #Photochallenge Looking up at the sky, It didn’t seem so far away Going about its business Helping out the stars To lighten up the darkness Ingenious people – wanted to build a place there Of course, if it were offered Up in a rocket she would go Staying in a home among the stars

  • Moon III

    Moon III

    #Napowrimo #Day17 Many say its like a cueball only its pits and furrows are a bit more noted one thing about the moon – you can notice the craters – they give the moon its face Moments occur – when it seems our moon changes its shape one moment its shiny like a sixpence next […]

  • Sunglow


    #CYW #Sunglow Some say its the colour of the sun, under the summer sunshade as it nips down toward the horizon – heading to a great mass of sand on the other side of the earth – longing to see it again – the sunworshippers often seen watching dipping down past the waterline where it […]