Christmas Tree

Salford 5th December 2017 A poem originally wrote by inky for, now making an appearance here as the christmas embargo is officially over! (wrote on St Andrews Day….) I’m writing on St. Andrew’s Day, to make a festive plea. Don’t neglect mother nature for the sake of a Christmas tree. Now, before you allContinue reading “Christmas Tree”

Soil (II)

An acrostic by inky, in response to the daily post prompt Soil Some people – call it the ground One of natures building blocks If you looked at it – from deep below – you would call it Life itself   Several different creatures – they call it home On occasion , they climb outContinue reading “Soil (II)”


Roots 24th august 2017 they say everybody has roots. those tiny little things that define history traces of who you are, set in your DNA. back when I was studying at university for my HND, I got the opportunity to research my family tree looking back through birth records…to draw up a computer program connectingContinue reading “Traces”


A response to the prompt Roots by Brian F Kirkham for the Inkwell Salford 8th May 2017 Like any other little seed, you need time to grow grasp the air spread some branches And when the time is right charged with energy and excitement you’ll take your own flight before landing on the soil ofContinue reading “Roots”

Little acorns grow…

Tree Take a moment, little acorn Really, little a – you’re going places Everyone expects you to be food for the wildlife, but in the End, great things are coming Together with your brothers and sisters, you’ll Rest in warm, brown soil over autumn and winter – only to Emerge in the spring, when itsContinue reading “Little acorns grow…”