Out in Space

Wednesday, 9th October 2019 #Space #Toys #Dreams #Octpowrimo He always wanted to travel Lego man living on the shelf his greatest descent – not a fall from grace but sent into flight from a feather duster till one day he flew onto a book that made his dreams into reality (of sorts) – as heContinue reading “Out in Space”

Midnight Blue

    Maybe its the colour of the night sky itself Its only when the sun goes to bed – does it appear Dozens , no thousands of stars peppering the dark blue Night after Night, showing planets and constellations Inky coloured skies, occasionally diffused by sodium lights below Great gods from Aries to OrionContinue reading “Midnight Blue”

Outer Space

#coloryourworld #cyw #outerspace Picture created with Colorfy looking out into the night sky, it’s difficult to tell what colour outer space is we paint it black – like a sheet of silk and those far off dots in the fabric ? far off mystical worlds we gave them names – and put them in storiesContinue reading “Outer Space”


unstoppable this first line is now history.. That is a fact.  For until a timelord lands in Salford tomorrow morning and plonks his TARDIS on the front lawn, I will be another day older when the sun rises in the morning. The planets and moons will still turn around our sun and the flora and faunaContinue reading “Unstoppable”

Heavens Above!

A piece of found poetry – using sources from that well known typing error Mr Spike Milligna! Hope you enjoy the read   Heavens Above In time – the sodium lamps fade, like a fire out in the reaches of space up in the night sky.   A central point of fire and ice waitsContinue reading “Heavens Above!”

Satellites of Jupiter

A tale that first appeared on Allpoetry.com about Space,  the Large planet, Jupiter and his “Children”, the moons. Io and her siblings sail round their dad, telling of what a time they’ve had. Each one giving each other a mention as they try to get their fathers attention. They whirl around him at a paceContinue reading “Satellites of Jupiter”

Out There in Space

A tale inspired by the rockets and explorers currently exploring the solar system They say there’s life beyond our star Up there in the deep night blue We sent up men to outer space We searched all the planet’s…there wasn’t a trace And looking out we all thought why Those visitors from mars should dropContinue reading “Out There in Space”