A Race in Space

#WDYS In the darkness of night a race is taking place up there in the sky in the depths of space aiming to be the first in the sky they hustle and bustle and past others they fly you can follow their path as they draw in the dark and watch them all race tillContinue reading “A Race in Space”

Before the lights went out

#napowrimo #writeclub #energy #beforethelightswentout With a Nod to Ann @ Writeclub…… Before the lights went out families were enjoying the stuff on tv while mum and dad were heating stuff in the cooker for tea and the earth warmed up another n’th of a degree Before the lights went out there was celebrations in nightContinue reading “Before the lights went out”

Upside down

#writingprompt #upsidedown In a topsy turvy world as sunlight headed for the horizon the sun was rising on the other half of the earth While people were eating their evening meal athletes were in the gymnasium after having a hearty breakfast so as breakfast tv was being shown on the big box athletes were makingContinue reading “Upside down”

What’s the world made of ?

#writeclub #Material #Question #Ground Mountains made of metals that need mining to be used Minerals around the Metals May also be fused to make shiny new things for this and for that and shirts ties and jumpers and coats and hats occasionally the metals come up in liquid form breaking through the crust – moltenContinue reading “What’s the world made of ?”


#CYW #Sunglow Some say its the colour of the sun, under the summer sunshade as it nips down toward the horizon – heading to a great mass of sand on the other side of the earth – longing to see it again – the sunworshippers often seen watching dipping down past the waterline where itContinue reading “Sunglow”


#Fowc #Napowrimo Going round the world, before the age of space Local merchants from London to Madrid thought earth flat as a pancake On some occasions, they said they’d fall off the edge Before the scientists took the flat- earthers map (treated it like an orange) End result ? something that looks a little moreContinue reading “Globe”


#Writephoto #together They’re quite a team – the Sun and the Moon On the whole they’re quite phenomenal Giving the people that live on Mother earth, summat to look at Each day they work either side of this blue jewel The Sun giving light to one half while the Moon shines on the other HelpingContinue reading “Together”