5th March 2020 #Fowc #Ceremony The Athletes took to the track, to a boom box anthem dressed in the colours of their country as cheers and lights travelled round the ground taking to the field masters of javelin, shot and hammer not leaving a mark until the start of competition And friends and rivals shareContinue reading “Ceremony”

Friday Fictioneers – Visitors

#lightsofjerusalem #fridayfictioneers #octpowrimo Saturday 19th October 2019 A response to the Photo prompt from Rochelle Wisoff-fields – Web Here They had arrived in the night on this little street in town in an effort to send a message to those walking around Little ones smiled – not at all scared as their coloured lights shoneContinue reading “Friday Fictioneers – Visitors”


#Fountains #Life #Home #Travel #cityscapes #poetry Manchester, 16th October 2019 I was in Manchester yesterday, on the hunt for a new pair of spectacles. Walking through Piccadilly gardens, I noticed something to bring a smile to the grimmest of people….They’ve turned the water back on the fountains!!!! Flying high into the northern skies Orchestrated jetsContinue reading “Fountains”


Salford, 8th April 2019 It’s not as if an alien were looking for a landing spot or leading lights of theatre were performing outside under portable stage lighting – moon looks on in awe – as halogen lighting casts instant brightness down the street night time glow falls over housing as orbs of light createContinue reading “Illumination”


Manchester (via salford) 16th December 2018 The on line post it notes Continued to drop in my in box Reminiscences from a female acquaintance I knew since I was small. Meet you by the market Where the gluhwein flows And the big tree is lit up by the national grid So, off to town goesContinue reading “Rendezvous”

Fairy lights

4th July 2018 A piece of poetry from inky’s mass of notebooks, with a nod and a wink to the #promptuarium Scattered like diamonds on black velvet the sky sparkles like precious cargo arrays of colours transmitted from light years away really catching the eye in the way each ‘jewel’ twinkles some would say –Continue reading “Fairy lights”

Lighting the dark

Luminescent Tuesday 10th April 2018 It glows lighting up the darkness for all who seek the light colours brighten the morning sky produced by insects that do fly up the trees and plants around feeding on nectar, without making a sound to others they brighten a darkened day but they’re happy to just fly aroundContinue reading “Lighting the dark”

Enjoying the Christmas Lights

Salford 23rd December 2017 Christmas festivities have been going on a pace this week, and as a typical Salfordian Male – i made the error of letting it wash all over me till This week Strange as it may seem though – i’ve covered everybody’s christmas presents (even dad’s) The Nephew’s will be getting theirContinue reading “Enjoying the Christmas Lights”

Capturing Something new

Experimental It’s quite amazing the effects you get when you concentrate on something Turn on a humble lightbulb and point your camera at it Reminding yourself (of course) to knock the flash off If the camera has a mind – it was certainly concentrated on this as i moved about the bulb Capturing the lightContinue reading “Capturing Something new”