Out in Space

Wednesday, 9th October 2019 #Space #Toys #Dreams #Octpowrimo He always wanted to travel Lego man living on the shelf his greatest descent – not a fall from grace but sent into flight from a feather duster till one day he flew onto a book that made his dreams into reality (of sorts) – as heContinue reading “Out in Space”


#Fowc #Bewitching You couldn’t put your finger on it, the way this junior librarian looked her way and you jumped right to it Maybe it was her smile or the way she had her hair that captured your eye you would share a drink at lunchtime while the boys just stared and looked and theContinue reading “Bewitching”


Image prompt c/o Pinterest – anyone want to lay claim to the image let me know and i’ll credit you on here – thanks! Link: https://promptuarium.wordpress.com/2019/02/14/forever-2/ They said they’d be friends for ever as they watched the magical sight a merger of magical colour bringing colour to the night but then – a terrible happeningContinue reading “Forever”

Sunset over Alykanas

I watched with my feet still sat in wet sand as the evening skies faded like a fire in outer space day turned slowly into night and silver fish still circled as a central point of fire and ice waited for the many moons in the grecian sky to settle in their spots like diamondsContinue reading “Sunset over Alykanas”

Fairy lights

4th July 2018 A piece of poetry from inky’s mass of notebooks, with a nod and a wink to the #promptuarium Scattered like diamonds on black velvet the sky sparkles like precious cargo arrays of colours transmitted from light years away really catching the eye in the way each ‘jewel’ twinkles some would say –Continue reading “Fairy lights”

Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon

Another tale poached from my repository at Allpoetry.com by me – Hope you Like it The sun set on the sand , that summers night, heading to brighten another place bright. It slowly went behind the sea and shimmered on waters, in front of me The sky changed colour from blue to red, and slowlyContinue reading “Goodbye Sun, Hello Moon”