Always take the weather with you

#writeclub #napowrimo Cheers to Beth @ writeclub for the prompt Sunny days always bring a smile to the face blue skies bring good cheer even when they hide behind clouds rainbows suddenly appear gloomy thoughts are downright wrong rain isn’t my favourite weather bright blue skies should always apply when its spring or winter –Continue reading “Always take the weather with you”


#wdys Making the most of that precious opportunity, when in the field out of the last rays of sun, just before nightfall – Luna makes an appearance down below her – the children skip and jig and above them – feathered friends flap excited as night begins to fall children will be called in asContinue reading “Moondance”


#CYW #Aquamarine They say its the true colour of water but by the time you’ve had your cordial added the fruit has fizzled it away It sets of a summer holiday perfectly as the sun reflects its blue and you wan’t to dip your toes on perfect days, the sky mirrors the sea and itsContinue reading “Aquamarine”

The last photo

#thelastphoto Created in response to the last photo Yeah, its strange – two birds sharing a neighbours roof – it could have been something else, a shot taken in the park – or maybe by the waters of the quayside, but then it would have been nothing more than a mere copy of something i’dContinue reading “The last photo”

Magic Money Tree

#writephoto A little lad threw a pound coin down into rich brown soil his dad sat watching smiling as the lad he worked and toiled But one day, in the summer to everyone’s surprise a stalk of silver colour started to arise and when the plant did flower to the little lads glee Blue andContinue reading “Magic Money Tree”