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Ultimate Questions

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Ultimate questions

a thoughtful poem by inky

There are some things you could spend Millennia on

Like what’s beyond the star ?

Is it possible there’s some other life

on a planet way off far ?

and if they do reside on a far off planet

do they know if we exist ?

and do they act like our great scientists

going round the twist?

for they know without travel – by speed of light

it would take us many years

before another planet, like earth

would eventually appear

Or have they mastered travel by UFO

between our planets to and fro ?

Childhood Poetry


#Napowrimo #questions

Where is this country, uncle ?

said this rather inquisitive chap

he’d just come round from forty winks

having had an impromptu nap

Can you help me draw it, uncle ?

I’m having a problem is true

so if you’d help me with this problem

i’m having a bit of a do!

Can we make something Uncle ?

Something nice and sweet

Jam Tarts or maybe chocolate cake

a tasty tea time treat

And when we’ve had our tea-time food

and filled up all our bellies ,

Can we watch some Cartoons on the box?

Our favourite afternoon telly!


Sunshine Blogger Award

Reeto  – its Sunday 25th September 2016 – Quarter to Four on A Salford Sunday Afternoon, and I’ve got a thank you to make

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Now Answers to those questions

  1. If you could co-star with  actor/actress who would it be?

Oooh…So Many Actresses – So little time – Jenna Elfman…

2. Have you ever read a book that changed your life? Which one?

Scouting for Boys – Robert Baden Powell

3. Where was your last vacation destination?

Inland ? Edinburgh, Scotland  Outland ? Oludeniz, Turkey

4   Funniest thing to happen to me ?

Turning up to a Paralympic Training Venue at Manchester – and running the training!

5   Favourite Dessert ?

Chocolate Cake….Wipes Drool from Chin

6.  What is your best physical feature?

My Smile!!!

7. What is your all time number one favorite meal?

That one is easy….Massive plate of Dim – Sum 🙂

8. Beer  or wine?


9. Who inspires you?

Many people – dead/living….Great Musicians, Writers, Artists

10.  What song makes you feel alive?

Dance the Night Away – Mavericks OR No Looking Back – Michael McDonald

Nominations from me

Eyes + Words,

Roberta Pimentel,

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