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A Race in Space


Stars in the sky

In the darkness of night

a race is taking place

up there in the sky

in the depths of space

aiming to be

the first in the sky

they hustle and bustle

and past others they fly

you can follow their path

as they draw in the dark

and watch them all race

till the moment they park

and down on the earth

the trees hang on by their boots

as force from the skies

tries to pull up their roots

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Taking in the view


timbri97 @

The walk up the mountain path was a long one

with snaking twists and turns

past mountain bogs and pot holes

and occasional dead ends

They’d gone up the mountain for a challenge

and to see what was at the top

but stopped at a meeting point half way up

eating so they wouldn’t drop

The climb up the path it was steady

and some gambolled up hill without care

while some took their time up the pathway

just taking in the fresh mountain air

Reward was a sight at the mount-top

and sights of the waters clear blue

as well as something warm for their insides

a cup of hotpot or stew

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Through the Garden Gate II


wondering over terracotta tiles

passing scents of geraniums and delphinums

trees of deciduous and conifer lining the way

till you reach the wooden door

not as you think – the end of the walk

merely the beginning – as a path twists and turns

passing through woodland and flowery borders

sounds of birdsong and wildlife round every corner

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Walk down an old street

The light dawns,

seagulls pass overhead

bluest sky beckons

shoelaces fastened

heading off down the path

following sunbeams

the path never changes

but the people passing do

walking over stone

short distances green

awaken sleepy braincells

bringing happiness

end of the distance

heading back, to where it began

ascending the stones

Garden Poetry

Down the path

#socs #flag

When the mortar set, you walked down

the garden path with a pleased grin

the sun shone brightly

bringing out the shades of

different coloured hard stone

in various shapes and bright colours

leading a way to the garden gate

in style

Acrostic Garden Nature Parks


#fowc #labyrinth

Losing your mind

as you travel its paths

breadcrumbs won’t help you here

you’ll need something a little bit sturdier as you make your way

round the puzzle

if you manage to get to the centre

next thing you’ll need to do is to make your way out

that will take a while – of course

help always comes from a helpful park ranger

Abstract Nature Places Poetry


#Writephoto #Causeway

Causeway (Image by SC Vincent)

Created as a path across the water

a stretch of sand , gravel or road

usually gets wet when the tide comes in or

sea or river levels rise

especially after really bad storms

when that happens – its advisable to take

another route – or else

you’ll do more than get your feet wet!

Acrostic Art Garden Poetry

Crazy Paving

#fowc #Crazy

Crazy Paving (By Inky)

Colourful trail leading up the garden path

rocky slabs laid at really strange angles

at first, you might think – some mad

zany designer had taken a hammer to your pavement, but

you would be wrong – each

piece has been placed on purpose

as you look carefully – each bit of stone comes into

view as part of the picture as a whole

in time you’ll spot a scene as the pieces come together

navigating their way down the garden, and

greeting visitors – welcome to our house!

Acrostic Learning Poetry


Salford 12th February 2018


Coming to a big decision is

Really down to you

Of course, you have the choices laid out for you

Smorgasbord of things to do , and places to go

Some helpful advice from teachers, academics and of course, family

Reactions from friends – expected – they might be sad but

Over time – they’ll respect your decision

After you’ve weighed up all the advice

Dont panic – and

Somehow you’ll go down the right path



Buildings Poetry Victorian



Manchester Town hall, St Peter’s Square Manchester

All saints day, 1st November 2017


What lies behind the corridors

tween power and learning ?

a path to who knows where ?

questions are asked in the buildings on the east

while questions are answered in the building to the west

fancy seeing what lies beyond the lights?