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Salford, 22nd August 2018

Another piece inspired by the #Promptuarium

Many thought you a funny kid

On most nights they’d see you staring into space

Overlooking the positions of the stars and the zodiac

No other subject interested you more

Destiny ? to be the first man to live – on a base on the moon

Until then – you sit out in the garden – plotting your way there

Satellites floating in zero gravity over your head as you

Track your course with telescope, pencil and paper

Fairy lights

Acrostic, Astronomy, Poetry

4th July 2018

A piece of poetry from inky’s mass of notebooks, with a nod and a wink to the #promptuarium

Scattered like diamonds on black velvet

the sky sparkles like precious cargo

arrays of colours transmitted from light years away

really catching the eye in the way each ‘jewel’ twinkles

some would say – its taken time getting here – but to others – its instantaneous


Astronomy, Poetry, Space

A tale of Constellation – first told on

The great relation of the sky
decided today would be a good day
to pay his sister a visit

He moved quite fast
for a constellation his age
as he travelled unaided through the stars

The Young whippersnapper
also known as “the red planet”
nipped at his edges – he wanted to play

And news from the rest of the family,
made his stars shine bright
in his mass of gas, chemicals and rock

A word with his brothers
out beyond the rocks
and then he moves off – to look after his flock

the family of planets
who’s father has died
and the small little planets, who often have cried

Midnight Blue

Acrostic, Astronomy, Poetry


Midnight Salford.jpg

Salford Quays Holiday Inn, taken Late evening (p) Brian F Kirkham 2017


Maybe its the colour of the night sky itself

Its only when the sun goes to bed – does it appear

Dozens , no thousands of stars peppering the dark blue

Night after Night, showing planets and constellations

Inky coloured skies, occasionally diffused by sodium lights below

Great gods from Aries to Orion , telling tales in the sky

Heavens Above! It’s a great sight to watch

The constellations moving in the night sky.

Horoscope Zoo

Animals, Astronomy, Space

Another Piece from my archive at – taking the characters of the Zodiac and placing them around the zoo…but where’s Pisces???

Horoscope Zoo

By Brian F Kirkham

The twins were bored,
they had nothing to do
so off with their mum
they went to the zoo.

They went to the Farm section
and fed the sheep and the goats
The twins liked Capricorn
who had a bell round his throat.

Over in another pen,
were the cows and the bull
Taurus, was his name
and was eating till he was full

Taurus was real large,
and had horns really big,
one twin noted
“He eats like a Pig!!!”

They visited Leo
in his grand lions hall
Lying on his rock
the primmest cat of all

And over by Leo,
the waters flowed by
where Crabs they scuttle
and silver fish fly

“Who’s That?” said the Twins to Mum
Pointing over to a man by the sea
“Why that’s Aquarius , Children,
he’s catching Leo’s Tea!!!”

Moon (Acrostic)


Salford, 26th October 2016

In response to the prompt Moon

Midnight brings this wonder into view
Over time it goes from full circle to crescent
On the earth it shines, like a needle piercing through
Night’s blanket

Man under the light of the moon
Over ground casts a large shadow, but
On the rising of the sun – his shadow disappears
Not to be seen till Nightfall

Man in the moon looks out
Over the land below
Orbiting the Night sky and giving
Navigators ways around the water



In response to the prompt


For one day in June

the great light the sun

played with the moon

in search of some fun

Now the moon in the sky

comes out summer days

when the sun lets him catch up

and come out to play

But on this day – for an hour

he turned day into night

it was dark on the seafront

once sunny and bright

The people they wondered..

had the sun disappeared ?

till the moon passed on by

and the sun re-appeared

A NASA Small ad….

Poetry, Space

(Alternative Title : Would you like a trip of a lifetime ?)

I came up with this piece of Found Poetry after playing with clippings from adverts and headlines in the local newspaper.

Hope you all enjoy it..


Take a starry trip!

We’ll see you get

Everything you need

to be

taken to a new extreme

trust us – It’ll be


Favourite Constellation


Now, here’s a funny thing.

I’m responding to #stellarandlunar and their question

what’s my favourite constellation?


It depends what angle you’re looking at the night sky.

As an old scout, the first set of stars I look for in the night sky is the plough – it looks like a barrow and once you’ve found it, it sets you on the way to finding the North Star.  Once you’ve found Polaris (the north star) a short alteration of your compass gives you “True North”

(My fellow wordpressers in the southern hemisphere – you may have a different method and i’d be interested in hearing on your take on directions from the stars)

However – there are other constellations that catch my eye

Around Chinese new year – i’ll go looking for the Ox in the sky – its a Chinese Horoscope symbol and it too has its own set of stars

As for the traditional zodiac…Aries the ram (my star sign – apparently) is up there with the other animals like Taurus the Bull and Capricorn the goat…Aries is a Fire Symbol so when i’m looking – i’ll keep my eyes open for Earth’s neighbour Mars , which can be seen on certain times of the year.

And Finally, being a fan of all things Ursinian (Paddington, Winnie the Pooh and all),  I’ll look out for Ursa Major – the Great Bear and his little friend Ursa Minor.

And when I’ve seen all the animals in the sky – i’ll head off to hibernate till morning.