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Portrait of yourself


with a nod to Matt @ Writeclub for the prompt!

It’s a funny thing

the colours seem right

but your eyes seem bulgy

and your nose sits like a pyramid

in the centre of your face

shredded wheat beard

to go with shredded wheat hair

and a grin like a Cheshire cat

The artist looks on, smiling

Do you like it ?, he asks

and you say ‘yes’

as its held to the refridgerator

aloft with a magnet – in the kitchen


x ray

#fowc #x-ray

Photo by cottonbro on

You might not see your insides

but these things definitely can

giving the nurses and surgeons

something which they can plan

picking out your skeleton

and each one of your bones

showing it up on a piece of film

in lots of different tones



#Octpowrimo #puzzle #challenge #Day21

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Jump for joy

Its that day, the one where you

Get to finally finish that puzzle

Some say the picture was too complex but

As you took your time

Wait was finally worth it – as the final piece went in

Acrostic Poetry


#Socs #Puzzle

Photo by Pixabay on

Picture this

up on the wall

Zillions ? no – thousands of pieces

Zipped and linked together

Locked in a frame to keep the picture intact

Expect hours of fun – putting it back together – if the frame gets knocked

Poetry Space



The first signs of the alien planet

from the robot explorer

gave everyone’s mouths drooling

it might take a few years to get there

said one scientist

and a few years to set up

but there’s enough chocolate mousse

for us to survive on for a lifetime……

Acrostic Animals Arts Poetry


#Art #Colours #Meditation

Coloring relaxation from the menagerie : Gorilla

You could call it – heading for another plane

as the individual colours fall

positioning themselves in the various

pictures shapes that make up the image

If you look close enough they’ll form the animal

note the triangle , circles and feather like shapes that make the

gorilla – as you fill in the shapes – you can almost hear it

Art Poetry

Through a window (stained)

#Stained #Glass #Window #Poetry #art #crafts

Produced from pieces of coloured glass

individually picked out and placed in a frame

capturing a scene of a famous building

together, as the sun shines through each piece

up on the walls a coloured scene appears

reactions – by the people amazing

enjoying the site on the steel walls

Photography Poetry


#Octpowrimo #Photography #Digital

I remember when

photos were stored away

on rolls of brown film

and getting the picture

required alchemy

Magic paper

bringing scenes of colour

to life onto

white backgrounds

with square borders

Trips to the chemist

a necessity

for those precious memories

of a warm summers day

to be brought to life

computer succeeds the chemist

speeding up the process

chemical symbols changed to 0s and 1s

delivered in a day


you’ve got more pics in your hand

more memories to store

more smiles to save

Outdoors Photography Places Pleasures Poetry


#writephoto #vista

View from the top of this very big hill

is breathtaking (literally)

some say its a bit barmy climbing up all that way

to take a picture or admire the view – but

at the end of the day – its worth it (even better with a picnic)

Acrostic Poetry


#Fowc #Frame

Fixed moment in time…

relayed in glass

and mounted proudly on the wall

might be an artwork, a certificate or a photo, but it’s something

everyone will enjoy looking at