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  • Explorer


    #fffc The first signs of the alien planet from the robot explorer gave everyone’s mouths drooling it might take a few years to get there said one scientist and a few years to set up but there’s enough chocolate mousse for us to survive on for a lifetime……

  • Ultimate Questions

    Ultimate Questions

    #Writeclub #Questions Ultimate questions a thoughtful poem by inky There are some things you could spend Millennia on Like what’s beyond the star ? Is it possible there’s some other life on a planet way off far ? and if they do reside on a far off planet do they know if we exist ? […]

  • Puzzled


    #MLMM The aliens were a little bemused for while floating around earth, in the sky they spotted something , that made them confused and made them ask each other why? for sat by a stretch of a sandy beach a little girl stood surrounded by sea attracted by the balloons – there were two or […]

  • Rising up

    Rising up

    #Napowrimo #paperswans #building #tower #lights From the towers base you could easily make out where you saw pathway to cosmos lit up in plasma colours laser pink and blue UFO Friendly ? a call to every craft – “Come and Visit!”

  • North of the farm

    #Promptuarium #Aliens #farm Mr and Mrs Giles were bemused to say the least when their arable field became home to an enormous beast Two visitors from mars knocked on their door and sheepishly sent their eyes to the floor “we’re sorry we landed, in your field Mr Giles but there wasn’t a place for Daisy […]

  • Space – a poem

    #Space #Acrostic #Art Someone sent a message through the solar system, and it was Picked up by a friendly Alien – who having enjoyed a Colourful excursion on the Mother planet Earth, packed up his bucket and spade and headed for the Blue and Green

  • Sizzling Space Burger

    #CYW #Outerspace ever wandered why the aliens keep on landing on earth ? seems there’s something special here you just cant get tween Jupiter and Saturn on their burger buns space dust from the crab nebula and particles of planet dust doesn’t quite match the taste you get from the special sauce on a terran […]

  • The Tourist

    #Alien #Scifi Salford, 9th July 2020 He arrived with his family by local craft having been given a special pass by the men in black heading into the town, they hit the town running his wife wanted to buy a hat, his lad a sport shirt he’d heard about “The Bradford Bulls” – were now […]

  • Illumination

    Salford, 8th April 2019 It’s not as if an alien were looking for a landing spot or leading lights of theatre were performing outside under portable stage lighting – moon looks on in awe – as halogen lighting casts instant brightness down the street night time glow falls over housing as orbs of light create […]

  • Six Words – “Alien”

    Six Words – “Alien”

    Flying saucer landed – Pilot says “Hello!” A response from inky to the six word story challenge https://jrogers-author.com/2019/02/08/six-word-story-challenge-alien-2/