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Near and Far

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View from my window

Near and Far

How Near to where i am would i want to go ?

The Local Park Perhaps ?

The Local Art Gallery ?

Off to the Lakes perhaps?

Or a remote sandy beach, someplace sunny and warm?

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#Coloryourworld #CYW #Sunglow


under a Yellow Greek Parasol

Never forgetting the first warm rays as the sun

Got above the horizon.  The Sea

Lapped against the shore – and it was nice as it dropped

On my toes

Where was I ? Paradise.

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He landed here the other day

in search of some fun

still feels a little jet lagged

but his fortnights just begun


His feet sank into light brown sand

located by blue sea

he’s eating his first packed lunch

under shade of a palm tree


Places he will go to – that hasn’t yet been planned

he’s just content of sitting by the sea with feet in sand

looking out at skyline – with colours azure blue

relaxing by the shoreline and enjoying the view.


But when he’s been exploring

he’ll write all of it down

apart from when it’s evening

when he’s out about the town