Animals Myths



They said there was something

horrible hiding in the forest

feathers of a crow

claws of an eagle

human face, legs and hands

Making noises around the trees

as she hopped from branch to branch

picking off fruit with glee

and enjoying them for tea

what they didn’t know

was the creature

was she was more frightened of them

than they were frightened of her

Monuments Places Poetry

Night Games

#promptuarium #gods #stonehenge

The Druids were disturbed on Tuesday morn

to find their inner sanctum slightly different

to the way they’d left it on Monday Night

It seemed that the younger gods

liked playing with the columns of stone

and so did their Danish cousins

They found a structure at woodland elsewhere

put together with the stones with care

a home for three furry, homeless bears

Calling on Mother Nature’s hand

the bears were rehomed, and the structure replanned

and the left over stones, young uns kept on their toes

as they played a game of dominoes

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Acrostic Beach Poetry

Enjoying the View


Taking a train up to the coast

admiring the view and maybe

keeping a photo of the scenery

inside the hut on top of the hill theres

numbers of pictures you can take

gemstones lie under your feet (if you know where to find them)

ascending ? why not descend down to that

beach where that blue water laps

relax by the shoreline and

enjoy the sunshine – the cove’s a suntrap

and if you fancy a cuppa – the beach cafe will be open soon

kreative minds among you can make castles on the beach

Animals Poetry

How Long?

#promptuarium #spiders

How long? (image c/o

It had been a while since

any plumber had been down

the cellar to check the pipes

the young apprentice

sent down the cellar

was shocked and surprised

to see what she saw

networks of webs

weaved by the occupants

who had taken the place over

It wasn’t the plumber they were frightened of

more the landlord

for they’d been living down there

rent free for years.

Halloween Holidays

Out at Night

#Promptuarium #Octpowrimo #halloween #goblins

Out in the farmers field

while the pumpkins slept

out in the field

something crept

leaving a trail of

debris in their way

stopping the chance

of hallows eve play

a question they ask

a simple why?

do people persist with the lanterns ?

they like pumpkin pie….

For its not just trick or treaters

on halloween night

who are frightened away

by the lantern light.

They want to have fun

They just want to play

so to Mr Jack-o-lantern

Please go away!



#promptuarium #octpowrimo

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I often see Robins at this time of year, but this explains their disappearance into the trees in my garden!

Hello there, its me again

in the hunt for a big juicy worm in your garden

don’t think i’ll be leaving the tree branch just yet though

i’m avoiding your

next door neighbours cat – i’ve

got no appetite to be somebody else’s lunch


Through the cracks


The multi storey car park

was now under “New Ownership”

Demolition squads turned on their heels

as vines and creepers wrapped themselves

around the concrete pillars

and where the fast and the furious

parked their wonder cars

carpets of wildflowers –

occupied each floor

now resident to squirrel, mole, rat and beaver

abandoned by the humans

taken over by mother nature esquire.

Character Cityscapes Fun Places Pleasures Poetry


#promptuarium #pictureprompt


He’d left his spot on the quarterdeck

and headed for holodeck five

a place where the men of the spacecraft

went to loosen up and jive

He enjoyed the sound of the old times

of Oasis, New Order and Blur

and joined up with others of the crew

who did of course concur

They dressed up in their blue jeans

their parkas and their trainers

for an all night dance in the holodeck

a total entertainer

But as the watch was grooving away

Outside forces were at play

and as the clock began to chime

they move through a split in time

They ended up on a Northern Street

dressed in their parkas and trainer clad feet

and followed the sounds to a neon sign

a place familiar – in the right time

How they’d got there is anyones guess

Back at the spaceship – there’s a heck of a mess

The engineers haven’t even begun

so the watch will go eat, dance and have fun.


Upside down

#writingprompt #upsidedown

In a topsy turvy world

as sunlight headed for the horizon

the sun was rising on the other half of the earth

While people were eating their evening meal

athletes were in the gymnasium

after having a hearty breakfast

so as breakfast tv was being shown on the big box

athletes were making final preparation

to run, hop, skip and jump

their way into the history books

Character Childhood Creatures Poetry

The monster under the bed


They said he was ferocious

and came out at night

while you were sleeping

to give you a fright

The thing is – the monster

lived underneath you

and was frightened of the noises

and snores that you blew

so he was real careful

and snuck down the the stairs

helping himself to apples

bananas and pears

and before you woke up

he was back in his place

enjoying his dinner

in his darkened space