7th January 2019 #promptuarium I’ve been doing the six word stories over Christmas…this piece is inspired by one The tree may be gone for another year and the decorations might be back in the box but around and about the house there’s enough pixie dust in the air to bring a smile to a littleContinue reading “Magic”

Not so fun fair

Salford, 15th September 2018 #Promptuarium #funfair The park wasn’t the same since the incident the big wheel now sits there alone the funfair moved on – down the road to another town no explanation given, and silence from its visitors as gory decoration sways from the wheel in the northern wind  

Adventures in the garden

#Promptuarium #HugeCreatures we went looking for bugs in the garden each of us using a magnifier, every kind of insect was spotted varying from a caterpillar to a spotty ladybird in fact many were interested in our looking glass – 7 weevils in a line looked like monsters!


Salford, 22nd August 2018 Another piece inspired by the #Promptuarium Many thought you a funny kid On most nights they’d see you staring into space Overlooking the positions of the stars and the zodiac No other subject interested you more Destiny ? to be the first man to live – on a base on theContinue reading “Spacekid”

Two Squirrels

Promptuarium, 18th August You meet all sorts in your local park two furry vermine were scampering past the bowling green when they both sought my advice on where the tastiest seeds were “The Hazel tree is off to the west, but the Conker tree has started dropping its seeds” I told them, they paused ,Continue reading “Two Squirrels”