Unfurl A summer morning, Worsley woods, west of Manchester the sun just peaking through the nest of trees circle of tents in various spots and a scout leader starting the beginnings of an altar fire little faces pop out of the niger tents to grab a view breakfast served at 8 am sharp but first,Continue reading “Flagbreak”

Eggy Bread

Egg This ain’t no restaurant “French toast” it’s made over burning logs in the country air Foundation for the morning Set against a glorious sunrise and cups of camp tea Thick crusty bread absorbed in a lake of golden runniness Bacon awaits its partner as it cooks away in its fat Poor Man’s omelette ?Continue reading “Eggy Bread”

Well worn Blanket

Salford 16th May 2017 Blanket Back in Nineteen eighty two – i started taking this long woolly blanket to camp Like many other scouts i stuck it at the end of my tents sleeping bag, and As it got cold, i wrapped it round me to keep warm Now, each camp i went to –Continue reading “Well worn Blanket”

Mountain Meadow

#coloryourworld #cyw #mountainmeadow Salford, 22nd February 2017   Lakeland, painting from photo by B.F.Kirkham Mountain Meadow, this colour takes me back to a particular time in my life when my old boots would come off the stack in the hallway and i’d journey with mates up and down the motorway go north – and meet upContinue reading “Mountain Meadow”


#Napowrimo #Day17 #Knots #Blogging101 A Dictionary poem for #Day17 of the Napowrimo challenge.  Based on my old scouting days! enjoy.   Don’t get stressed, in time – you’ll master it creating an artform from two ends of rope bridges don’t need wood or metal but a few simple knots Reef Knot, Clove and Timber HitchContinue reading “Knots”

Books from Childhood

In response to the prompt Second Time Around My bookshelf is ever evolving, Fiction, Comedy, Drama And a whole host of autobiographies from celebrities far and wide. But alongside these, recently, have come familiar tales from my childhood. Long john Silver shares a space with Paddington Bear and Winnie the Pooh.  The Riverbank tales ofContinue reading “Books from Childhood”

A Tale of Old Boots

In a part of the corridor, just by the stairs by the front door, lies a pair of Old Black Boots. It’s been quite a while since they have been walking. Their leather is worn from the passing of time and many a moorland excursion. Lakeland water now pools at the toes.But they still feelContinue reading “A Tale of Old Boots”

Fires a Burning

Another piece for the daily post prompt Smoke also appears at http://allpoetry.com/poem/11670889-Fires-a-Burning-by-InkdropK The sun went asleep, upon the moon break and the light from a match began to awake starting to burn the bark from a tree whilst little one’s watch with their cuppas with glee The bark it alights and begins to glow, producingContinue reading “Fires a Burning”