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  • One to three photo challenge – Sept 2022

    #tsc1to3 New month, new image from the chaps at I liked the image as it reminded me of campfire nights with the scouts. Brushstrokes (oldmaster) applied by Inky

  • Sunday Afternoon Photo Challenge

    Sunday Afternoon Photo Challenge

    OKA One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-July 2022 #tsc1to3 with thanks to Kate at for the image. Here’s the pic i’m going to play with – strange we get more Grey’s than Red’s in Salford (Northwest England being the stronghold of the Reds at present) – but i like this one.

  • Brush


    #WWP #Brush bringing a splash of colour to the white canvas reds blues and greens mingle creating something most pleasing to the donors eye artist imagination (or perhaps water) – the only obstacle to transferring the vision to the board Making a mess ? he doesn’t think so all art is subjective when you look […]

  • Productive

    #Fowc #Productive #Art Positioned on the canal bank ready with brush in hand opposite his subject matter days of careful planning up along the waterside – initial sketching crafted out this creation the money spent ? the time invested irrelevant – it’s all down to the viewer and whether they like it or not effort […]

  • Applying the Digital Paint,

    Salford 6th February 2018 This is a photography post with a bit of a difference. I mean – what do i do with a pic after i’ve taken it ? With my new Nikon Camera (i use that term very loosely) I can already adapt a photograph thanks to the imaging tools on the camera OK […]

  • Shiny things

    Salford 16th August 2017 taken by inky like a magpie in summer, and collated for your enjoyment in response to the daily post Ooh, Shiny! 1. Diamond backed frog with two coins of the realm 2. The Moon, taken from a Salford Sky at Night 3. Plane in the test flight area of the RAF […]

  • An Impressionist View

    An Impressionist View

    Some say, that all art is Subjective – you’ll either like it – or you wont

  • Antiqued

    Faded The picture on the wall began to show its age some time ago a recollection of a noted man some time ago   Father Time has been kind to this wise old master but now the critics of history have had their say   Furrows in the oiled canvas collect small particles of time […]

  • Scribbles in Notebooks

    Scribbles in Notebooks

    Pens and Pencils Salford , 18th July 2016 “Just a humble little scribble from my notebooks” I like writing and drawing, and though i’ll never be the next big thing when it comes to these artforms – I still find them helpful in my never ending mission to concentrate the mind.     Whenever i’m […]

  • Old Painting

    I wrote this for a contest on – but over time I reckon it reminds me of some really good artworks at IWM North (Where I Volunteer), The Lowry in Salford, Salford Art Gallery and its Sister Gallery in Manchester. In the dark recesses of the vault she sleeps Timeless beauty skilfully captured by […]