Challenge 30 – No8

“A Window Lit” Salford , 27th January 2019 I once lived by the job centre not a place to gladden the heart it matched the grey clouds above but as people moved in the ministry men moved – Manchester bound and construction men moved on to the ground there’s people at work – now livingContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No8”

Early Morning

Salford 23rd August 2018 Squeaky doors are better clarion calls than any alarm clock on the market   Slumbered silence broken by a cistern attracts you to the noise of the nearby main road   Luna’s departure allows Ra to announce “The morning is here! it’s time to get up”   And motorised monsters orContinue reading “Early Morning”

Window on the world

#Spectacles #Blackpool #Photography #Poetry Salford, 29th July     Seen through the wide window Pictures begin to form, captured by the lens Everyday artworks, appear in a full spectrum of Colour, bringing life to The scene in front of you As you press the button, and release the shutter – Camera captures your view ofContinue reading “Window on the world”

Two Quarrelling Brothers

I sat watching by the window as two quarrelling brothers traded blows over a tree outside both lay claim on this tall green beauty and each tried their hardest to get it for themselves but as day turned into night the tree stayed rooted to its spot and neither brother got what they wanted optingContinue reading “Two Quarrelling Brothers”


Salford 1st February 2018 Profuse Go on, dive in! there’s plenty more said the rich man sat at the table of the restaurant store but while he and his friends where dining on goose with veggies and stuffing and strawberry mousse the waiters tears softly dropped to the floor for whilst those at the tableContinue reading “Profuse”

Stained Glass Window

Salford 18th September Poem borrowed from my page at A tale a bit crafty, a bit religious, but all by me Artwork created at Craft Sessions at Brain & Spinal Injury Charity in Salford. As the Sun comes up, its light shines through the panels of coloured glass angling the now coloured light paintingContinue reading “Stained Glass Window”


Written in response to the daily post prompt <a href=””>Window</a&gt; The window – I see it as a never ending picture frame looking out onto the world The picture doesn’t change much   Animated characters pass through the pictures in the skies and on the ground   clear blue skies occasionally peppered by white fluffyContinue reading “Window”