Challenge 30 – No22

“Move the Camera” Its funny how a couple of steps, or a turn of the body can change the view of what you are capturing. I was stood by the pontoon of the watersports centre on Salford Quays, when the Canada Geese came up the centenary walkway for their elevenses. In they came one afterContinue reading “Challenge 30 – No22”


Salford (Via Trafford Park), 3rd September 2018   This is the place where mighty ships cargo lay resting after its journey after a long ride on the waves   Men toiled in the heat as silent shipping crates moved to the sound of the warehouse mice avoiding the company cat   Inwards and Out theContinue reading “Warehouse”

Swimming Lessons

Salford Quays, 14th July 2018 a tale of the first time in the canal…from one of the goslings….Interpreted by Inky 🙂 It’s a bit hard stepping out from the little nursery pool to the great big vast waterway but at least my family are nearby mum and dad watching proudly on no water wings requiredContinue reading “Swimming Lessons”

My favourite place

Favorite Place salford quays, March 23rd Sat on a bench by the Manchester ship canal, just watching the water go by and letting the lemon cake I’ve just munched on digest as the feathered residents of the quays go by dont think they know much about their famous neighbours but it’s relaxing watching them travelContinue reading “My favourite place”


Salford, 3rd February 2018 Detritus floating en-masse down the ship canal Readily aided by the boats and the water Is floating aimlessly towards the basin gates Full stop only happening upon hitting the booms where each stick gangs Together forming a pretty pattern on the Waters surface Overjoyed geese, plunder the booty, piling One largeContinue reading “Driftwood”

Things with the Letter N

#CFFC #LetterN #Photography We begin with something Nautical – the Manchester Ship Canal (or as we now know it – Salford Quays) The various waterways are connected by a series of footbridges for Navigation around the quayside. Located in the Northwest of England the basins are still used by ships and boats at certain times ofContinue reading “Things with the Letter N”


Particular Take a day, any day And a place, any place Now take a time, any time and capture it Freeze frame in your memory That was the day you ate that Sandwich at the quayside cafe and saw brave souls in Frogsuits dive headlong in the eerie deep waters of a Salford Canal BasinContinue reading “Particular”