#Coloryourworld #cyw #Tumbleweed A funny little fellow is the humble tumbleweed beginning life in the wind as a seed   Dependable in the desert Guaranteed to sweep up as it travels making cameo appearances in every good western   Home for the children, who leave when the moment comes to follow mum and dad’s footsteps inContinue reading “Tumbleweed”

Two Minute Silence

11th November 2016 Imperial War Museum North, Trafford, Manchester It was Armistice Day today I was attending Imperial war museum north, in preparation for their Volunteer Celebration Choir with the Museum of Science and Industry and The Manchester Museum But for Two minutes today – we stood in silence to remember those who fought and were lostContinue reading “Two Minute Silence”

Roaring with Laughter

In response to the prompt Roaring Laughter When was the last time something had me Rolling in the Aisles? Friday Afternoon half past One – I’m sat watching a pair of Old Comic Masters at their Utmost best – Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper (without his trademark Fez) in “The Plank” The two comedians play twoContinue reading “Roaring with Laughter”

Composing a Photo

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ready, Set, Done.” Ten Minutes to create the perfect image ? There’s a couple of schools of thought on that one The first – is the instamatic brigade – the point and shooters, take the shot there and then – no messing with messy things like composition.Continue reading “Composing a Photo”