Category: Industrial

  • Robbery

    #Fowc #Robbery The cost of your average breaktime snack seems to have elevated itself skywards blame who you want for this but it can’t be the cocoa farmer his workers or their family or the shopkeeper stocking his shelves no, its the middle man who purchased the chocolate factory for a mere song he might […]

  • Machine


    #fowc #machine Movements and processes require a number of parts to work together cogs all moving in the same direction to make the hands turn sequentially in time though, the wheels and cogs may need a helping hand to turn on their own enter – stage left – an engineer

  • Noise


    Salford, 9th November 2021 (response to a write club theme by inky) What’s that noise ? beyond the glass up in the rooftops its the birds that pass surveying the autumn pickings on the frost laden grass What’s that noise? beyond the bricks the pipes are playing at quarter to six rolling water like streams […]

  • Crossing

    #Bridge #Writephoto They dug a channel so the goods could get to the shops quicker It filled with water Really Fast as it was joined up to the sea The locals weren’t happy for they couldnt get to their chums on the other side of the water Boatmen acting like pirates put off the bosses […]

  • Discovering Energy

    Discovering Energy

    There’s a little place down my street where two scientists liked to meet Discussing science and things that moved sharing ideas in and industrial groove They were honored by peers of the grand society and recognised by titles and confered degree

  • Stopped


    #waterwheel #promptuarium There was a time, where this mighty wheel would turn the stones, that would crush the wheat for the flour that made your morning bread Today however, it’s taking a day off for some clever person thought chucking stones into a stream was a good idea and while the fish go another direction […]

  • Juggernaut

    #Fowc #Juggernaut Just as you thought the unstoppable force was too gigantic to stop in its path greater forces played a hand expectations were it would run out of steam reality was no one would see the mighty excavator getting stuck in the narrowest of passageways all down to the drive for more sellable goods […]

  • Iron

    #fowc #iron Rock in the mountain fractured and hived out for years for precious metal heated up and formed into many different household objects Heavy Metal in sight of the green grasses keeping the pets in hardened metal ore what’s its own achilles heel ? coming from the clouds

  • The recyclers

    Salford, 29th April 2020 They’re picking up your plastic your glass, and paper , man they’re taking it to the depot in their big new shiny van They’re re-using all those used things you would normally throw away no time to be sticking them in the ground they’ve found another way The rubbish is carefully […]

  • Refuse

    Salford, 22nd January 2020 #fowc #refuse Two definitions for this word fandango’s provided – so I cobbled them together in this feel free to comment. Refusing to recycle your rubbish ? expect a spot of bother for if you don’t follow the bin men’s advice until you do so, the bin will just sit there […]