Tale of a tower crane

Originally posted by Inky on Allpoetry.com Now posted for your reading!   Enjoy Do you like building? well, I do! I’m stood amongst my creations, with my great arm, aloft in the air.  It’s a thankless task this job I do, but you’ll never hear me complain – oh, no, no, no.  You see, theContinue reading “Tale of a tower crane”

The wheels turned

Museum of science and industry, castlefield, Manchester. Inky’s thoughts on the waterwheel Watching the water turning the wheel that moved the gears that moved the cogs which turned the stones that milled the grain to make the flour that went into the bread sold in the shops the very next morning

Over the bridge

Pedestrian Walking on water ? not exactly as they straddle the Locks , Quays and Rivers of my home town never shy of their responsiblity – they get people to their destination from A to B and back again easing a walker’s worry they’ll get wet in the water revolutionary ? in their day necessityContinue reading “Over the bridge”

Metrolink Stowaway

Eccles to Manchester, 5th September 2017 Manchester – here is a public announcement Even the local birds Think their dinner is taking a liberty , as it Rides along the tracks without a pass, for now On system lines from Salford to Ashton, and Bury to Altrincham Like old Mancunian cotton weavers, they leave InterestingContinue reading “Metrolink Stowaway”

The Canal

Salford , 5th September 2017 Hi folks, Inky reporting from behind his desk at the toolshed.   Regular viewers will know i started this site to share my scribbles thoughts and photography with you all. Most of the poetry (not all) comes from my online repository on Allpoetry.com Now here’s the thing.  when i postContinue reading “The Canal”


Critical Could it be , the Really important thing In driving a car, is to pay attention ? Those fancy buttons scattered like smarties round the dashboard – run Instruments to keep your cars insides running Calamity awaits – from the Brakes to the gears, so Always keep those bits in your car happy –Continue reading “Critical”


Magnetic I Maybe they didn’t see it coming A pull , so Great, the largest Nuts and bolts couldn’t resist the Ever powerful force coming Towards them In the air they flew Caught by the big round thing   II Mademoiselle’s Amourous intentions Gravitating in Nuptial Expectation Towards her Intended Romantic Catch at the DiscothequeContinue reading “Magnetic”