Nature Poetry Water


#writephoto #torrent


The creator dropped his tool again

Turning the clouds a different shade of blue

The Angels sighed – and then

They cried – and their tears

Turned towards the earth below


The raindrops raced to reach the ground

some landed on the ragged rocks

some landed on fragrant fruits

whilst others joined their pals

in a race down the river


Rapidly rolling raindrops

Rotating , turning and foaming in

Revolving and lifting formations

Ripping and carving curves through the



Construction – halted

Crafty beavers, otters and water-rats alike

Carefully watch the waters move so

Creation of a new home or dam can


Autumn Nature Poetry

Rush hour III

The trees are bending

moving to a western tune

played by coming wind

rolling autumn leaves

around tarmac cul-de-sacs

to the alley’s end

follow the brown leaves

and you find them piled up high

by a pelican

some decide to rest

whilst others run the gauntlet

towards the river

final resting spot ?

answer to question – unclear

floating down river

Animals Cooking Fishing Food

Off the Hook

An acrostic poem on fish – from my notebooks – enjoy

Fish fly up the stream

In expectation that they

Should spawn their offspring


Freely Swimming in the water blue

Is a small nipper fish with its

Seventy-Seven brothers and Sisters

Hoping to avoid the small child’s net

For every free fish in the water,

Is the unlucky sole

Served in coastal restaurants in

Home made breadcrumbs, and tartar sauce

Flotsam and jetsam, caught

In a passing net

Seared in a pan, and dished up as the

House special