Bee Industrious

25th August 2018 #beeinthecity #manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Castlefield, Manchester Busy little bee sits in his own little world Among flowers and scents and colour working over the flower beds where the people wait for the train industrious little fellow he is

Over the bridge

Pedestrian Walking on water ? not exactly as they straddle the Locks , Quays and Rivers of my home town never shy of their responsiblity – they get people to their destination from A to B and back again easing a walker’s worry they’ll get wet in the water revolutionary ? in their day necessityContinue reading “Over the bridge”


Brassy Bronze it may not be, but it can bang out a tune Resonating a sound that travels up and down the land As great winds travel through moulded instruments Some would call it a bit of a live wire with its sound, but Spark like some other metals ? its remote. You’ll see itsContinue reading “Brassy”

Tritina for Railways

Having visited the National Railway Museum in York today, I’ve been inspired to write this Tritina in honour of the railways….enjoy .   P.S. Comes with Flying Scotsman Pic!   Opposite the Flying Scotsman – Bill, Nigel and Joe     #Napowrimo #Blogging101 #Railways #York The Horses came down the country Roads Delivering by cart Black goldContinue reading “Tritina for Railways”


Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, 26th February 2016 I Went on an excursion with some of the lads from Manchester’s IWM North today to the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, where I learned about the canals and their heritage.  The journey involved a brief stop for provisions at the M56 Motorway Services. I took alongContinue reading “Narrowboat”


Alphabet A response to the Daily post Challenge – “Alphabet” (Photo taken by the Author, Camera used Samsung WB-250) Salford, 15th January 2016. The picture you see is a Mural , created by the artist Walter Kershaw.  It’s not the original, The original was taken down and replaced by the Trafford Park Development Corporation whenContinue reading “Alphabet”

Standing Statues

A tale of the old cargo cranes that once stood proud by Ontario Basin on Salford Quays. They stood side by side On the edge of the basin Dressed in their regal blue The sky above as clear as day With the sun reflecting their noble form in shadow. Once giants of the waters edgeContinue reading “Standing Statues”