Rush hour III

The trees are bending moving to a western tune played by coming wind rolling autumn leaves around tarmac cul-de-sacs to the alley’s end follow the brown leaves and you find them piled up high by a pelican some decide to rest whilst others run the gauntlet towards the river final resting spot ? answer toContinue reading “Rush hour III”

Singing in the rain

#In light of the lack of a fresh writing prompt – i’ve poached this one from the wordpress e-book – 365 Writing prompts….enjoy….inky.# Salford 16th June 2018 Inclement is how the weathermen would have put it the weather itself couldn’t make its mind up the sun was out – the birds were tweeting – andContinue reading “Singing in the rain”

Things with the Letter D

#CFFC in response to cees photography challenge To start with, here’s a night time shot of the Holiday inn express on Salford’s Quayside, taken at Dusk by one of the Docks or as the people call them now basins 🙂 You could call this a 3D shot – as it was Dark as well ! The canal isContinue reading “Things with the Letter D”


#coloryourworld #cyw #beaver Brilliant builder of wood based dams Each one of your structures an individual masterpiece As you carefully create each one from surrounding forests Very careful in your construction, – from End to end , each twig and branch fits to create a Riverside home – fit for any waterside family  

Photo Challenge: Narrow

          Narrow Saturday  July 30th, 2016 A Thought: Narrowboat They carried the cargo before the rail up and down the waterways Colourful characters towing the coal that burned in the houses, factories and mills but then with the dawn came the engine of steam much faster than canal – down railContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Narrow”

Intercity Canal Life

They called it “The Big Ditch” It’s filled with water, flowing up from two rivers making their collective way toward the west meeting up with its Liverpool Cousin.   A long time ago – It Carried large ships taking cargo to places far and wide But new lines lift the strain – With Cargo movedContinue reading “Intercity Canal Life”