Summer with the water rats

#cento #summer #napowrimo

now i was young and easy under the apple boughs

on either side the river lie

blossoms and dewdrops at the bent sprays edge

open unto the fields, and to the sky

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone

meet in her aspect and her eyes

loveliest of trees, the cherry now

by silver reeds in a silver stream

from troubles of the world, by water cool

and a thousand fragrant posies

a glimmering girl, with blossom in her hair

moving through the brightening air

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Barnard castle bridge (Image: KL Caley)

Built in a place where the

river , stream or canal makes its way

in and out of the place where the people live

down below, you can see the water passing as

going to the shops, school or work

everyone crosses from one place to another

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First in the water

#nature #winter #swimming

First in the water (image : Brian F Kirkham)

While the rest were going about their morning routine

this brave soul decided to take the plunge

into the northern waters fed by the Mersey and Medlock

Water, skiddy in places, where jack frost had turned it to ice

but with all those feathers, he was well waterproofed

and ready for his breakfast passing under the waterline

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#CYW #Beaver

Builder of some wonderful constructions

every day he’s going down stream for materials

and crafting them so they adapt to his home

versatile in the way he places each stick

each one having its own purpose

rivers brooks and

streams keep moving – but he’s directing the flow

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#Bridge #Writephoto

Bridge (Image KLCaley)

They dug a channel

so the goods could get

to the shops quicker

It filled with water

Really Fast

as it was joined up to the sea

The locals weren’t happy

for they couldnt get to their chums

on the other side of the water

Boatmen acting like pirates

put off the bosses

building a ferry landing

so two towers either side

were built by canal men with pride

and the locals were not at all cross

as they had something they could walk across


Stuck in the Mud

You thought it would be easy,

ignoring all the hallows

crossing the river as you did

safe (so you thought) , in the shallows

the water was cool and slow

as you dipped your toes in fast

but as you crossed to the the other side

you found yourself aghast

For the soft brown mud, at the bottom of the bank

your feet were stuck, and quick it sank

for round your feet, the mud it wrapped

and for now, your feet were trapped

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#cyw #salmon

Swimming against the flow, in an

attempt to keep their species going

laying eggs in a safe spot

many are laid, but

often they fall prey, to hungrier fish around them or

netted by the fisherman, who’s looking for something for tea



My mind was focused on two large pine cones

engaged in a race under an iron bridge

determined to reach the other side

in order

to beat the other to the bank

a force of nature willing them on

to reach the end before their friend

if you were wondering who won

of course – it was neither – it was the squirrels

now nibbling on them at the end of the bank

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#Writephoto #Causeway

Causeway (Image by SC Vincent)

Created as a path across the water

a stretch of sand , gravel or road

usually gets wet when the tide comes in or

sea or river levels rise

especially after really bad storms

when that happens – its advisable to take

another route – or else

you’ll do more than get your feet wet!




source : The Fourth Bear, Jasper Fforde, P.155

when you look out towards the river

you’ll spot a swathe of green

amongst the towering skyscrapers

its the prettiest place you’ll have seen

The fathers are sat perplexed at the mo,

for they’ve been offered some cash to bestow

so long as the man wi the concrete

can dig up the trees that do grow

And the maps are recording it “Untouched”

so it costs less for builder to build

and no chance of digging up something

that will see sight of money unforfilled

But locals that live there are anguished,

and want to keep their patch of green

they’re making a move on the town hall

to ensure that the diggers not seen