x ray

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You might not see your insides

but these things definitely can

giving the nurses and surgeons

something which they can plan

picking out your skeleton

and each one of your bones

showing it up on a piece of film

in lots of different tones

Industrial Learning Poetry Science

Discovering Energy

There’s a little place

down my street

where two scientists

liked to meet

Discussing science and

things that moved

sharing ideas

in and industrial groove

They were honored by peers

of the grand society

and recognised by titles

and confered degree

Joule House, Salford
Acrostic Poetry Science


#fowc #momentum

Movement of an object

Often kept moving

Mostly by its mass in

Expectation – it will get to where it

Needs to go – as the object

Turns it keeps on turning

Until the thing that keeps it

Moving is stopped by a greater force

Acrostic Industrial Poetry Science



particularly important

as things go, the way the tram lines

rails are aligned

as they have to be a certain distance for the

light rapid transport to be powered by

electrical lines

leading off to the destination ahead

Acrostic Poetry Science



Maybe its the pull that draws people to you

An ability to bring everybody close

Got to admit – it’s quite a trick, as

Nuts and Bolts clamber over one another,

Excited and clinging , just

To be near your irresistible force

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Outer Space


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looking out into the night sky,

it’s difficult to tell what colour outer space is

we paint it black – like a sheet of silk

and those far off dots in the fabric ? far off mystical worlds

we gave them names – and put them in stories

myths and legends, told many moon rises ago

Aries to the Huntsman we follow with pride

through telescopic lenses or newspapers inside

and the robots we send to examine these stars

landing on the moon, and venus and mars

are the UFO pilots playing hide and seek ?

Its a question the scientists ask every week.

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Escaping a Salford Subway

Carrying call of the person rebounds

Hopping around the chamber – to and fro

On its way to the other exit

Ears pick up what seems like a choir

Cacophony travelling down towards the ear

Happily, sending the message

Or fading away into the distance

Each word bounces around as the

Call travels down the tunnel

Hastily , it makes its way to be heard

Or disappear, into the fog

Astronomy Poetry Science



In response to Moon

It shines bright

with its light

at Night


Man in the Moon

Looks down on the earth

Shining down brightly

on the place of our birth


With two pools for eyes

a nose and a smile

the full moon always

makes me ponder a while

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Trials of a blogging writer

There are days when I wish the TARDIS was real….

For those not familiar with the vessel…the t.a.r.d.i.s. is the time traveling vessel of doctor who…who travels through time and space on adventures, with his companions.

I wrote a piece where I kind of borrowed the tardis from one of its homes at mediacity uk, just across the way and picked up some eminent scientists for a cure for my ailments…and a baby mammoth to keep them safe

After I’d written it though…I came to the conclusion there was no cure and the little niggles my conditions give me are the ones that make me me….

Having a woolly mammoth for a pet would be pretty cool though…