Ode to a sandwich

Salford, 6th August So, here we are, with a noble invention A combination of ingredients Now brought together, with love tween two slices of bread Daintily paired, meats and vegetables When required –  sauces or spices It’s what you might call – a matter of taste Combining flavour and texture – the eater Happy in…… Continue reading Ode to a sandwich

The Art of a sandwich

Edible Some say it begins with a loaf of bread, nicely sliced – type – to your preference – two slices next – comes the spread – butter, margarine, salad cream or sandwich spread dedicated sandwich makers always go for the mayo when that’s been applied, on goes the salad, lettuce cucumber tomato If you…… Continue reading The Art of a sandwich


#Coloryourworld #CYW #Bananamania By jove! – a prompt on the banana A bendy little fruit – handy for lunch boxes Nice between two slices of buttered bread And even better when combined with Nuts, ice cream and chocolate sauce to produce A delight to be served after dinner   Maybe – its the way you tell everyone you’re ready As…… Continue reading BananaMania!

Happy Winnie-the-pooh day!

Wednesday 18th January 2017 I’ll be posting another piece from my notebooks later, but I’ve just been informed – c/o my Facebook and Twitter feeds…that it’s Winnie-the-pooh day. and being an ardent Ursinian (that’s a fan of the Great Bear) – I thought i’d share this as it popped up on my public feed…. Pooh and one…… Continue reading Happy Winnie-the-pooh day!