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  • Open Garden

    #Writephoto #Garden Outwards, the garden gate swings presenting a spot for everyone to enjoy sometime amongst the nice weather, amongst the fragrant flowers Of course, the garden presents the perfect opportunity to enjoy a sandwich lunch out on the greens not forgetting a slice of your favourite cake….

  • Exhale

    #WDYS #Napowrimo Time to take a moment…. Three day weekends are there To be enjoyed not laboured through Take a while to move your feet through a spring green full of flowers tip toe through the tulips (or daffodils) Take a moment, to enjoy what’s around you enjoy a sandwich and cake under a tree […]

  • Sunday Lunch

    Sunday Lunch

    Call it cultured if you will A meal time of summat tasty served up at The local museum and art gallery Head and mind kept occupied by Exhibits shown and Displayed around the workspace Roast or Corned beef, Maybe Ham And a drop of Tea or coffee to wash it down Likelyhood is, you might […]

  • Unappetising


    A piece from #writeclub from inky I don’t think I would eat Crocodile It wouldn’t make me happy I’d see myself by a riverside bayou and ask for it to be served snappy And despite being grilled by a top chef and served up like a great hunk of meat there’s something that would stop […]

  • Toastie II

    Toastie II

    #Discoverprompts #Food # Toastie Salford, Sunday 5th April 2020 To many, it’s better than Sunday Lunch Over the country, they’ve been cooking under the grill A combination of Ham and Cheese, and sometimes tomato Sitting under the grill and combining to make a Totally tasty treat Instantaneous flavour from bite to bite End to scrumptious […]

  • Debate

    Salford 15th February 2020 #Fowc #Debate During the week, it was the hot topic of conversation Election ? Europe ? no! none of these But a culinary conundrum – which sandwich was better A choice of Sausage, Egg, Bacon, or Cheese The favourite – an obvious choice – but Everyone wants their own bite of […]

  • Toastie I

    Toastie I

    #Food #Poetry Salford, 2nd February 2020 Totally encompassed in this little parcel out of nowhere, a sausage or two sends sensations to the tastebuds totally making them wild with each chew inquisitive minds wonder – what’s in it that’s so delicious ? eat up! and you’ll find out!

  • Sweet supper

    Salford 19th August 2019 #Food #Sandwich #Hazelnut #Chocolate #Spread #Supper Sat in the kitchen – pondering What to have to satisfy my inner pooh bear End of the cupboard – the bread bin End of the corner cupboard – the provisions store Taking the last of the hazelnut spread tween two pieces of wholemeal – […]

  • Ode to a sandwich

    Salford, 6th August So, here we are, with a noble invention A combination of ingredients Now brought together, with love tween two slices of bread Daintily paired, meats and vegetables When required –  sauces or spices It’s what you might call – a matter of taste Combining flavour and texture – the eater Happy in […]