Waiting for the flowers

Salford, 9th March 2019 A patch of earth on some barren land Was turned over, fed and watered Earth dug up in places on Seeds or bulbs planted Over the next few months, the process continued – and Moments passed – until the arrival of a green leaf popping out of the ground Expect rainbowsContinue reading “Waiting for the flowers”

Bee Industrious

25th August 2018 #beeinthecity #manchester Museum of Science and Industry, Castlefield, Manchester Busy little bee sits in his own little world Among flowers and scents and colour working over the flower beds where the people wait for the train industrious little fellow he is

Out of this world

Out of This World Taken root On a spot of earth Alien invader starts to feed Devouring the water below Some plants sit, aghast as they watch The alien eat up their food like an unwanted guest Others, are more philisophical as Over time – the alien and his cohort – will be Lifted, andContinue reading “Out of this world”


Salford, 9th February 2018 Tend Plants need looking after when they’re little. I remember , as a lad being given three packets of seed by my Grandad. they never told me what was in those silver packets but each day i’d go to my spot by the lawn, to see what popped out of theContinue reading “Tend”

Soil (II)

An acrostic by inky, in response to the daily post prompt Soil Some people – call it the ground One of natures building blocks If you looked at it – from deep below – you would call it Life itself   Several different creatures – they call it home On occasion , they climb outContinue reading “Soil (II)”

Ode to a cactus

Prickle Once only found in Desert sand a gardener decided to hatch a plan developing a succelent that’s happy at home, as well as gardenment living in pots of sandy soil whilst in the heat other plants toiled this funny green plant, just grew away amusing those in the garden at play flowering in theContinue reading “Ode to a cactus”


      Soil source of growth our garden plants depend on it its home for all sorts of life like worms, beetles and ants   such an important base needs nutrients on certain mornings , water and fertiliser is added , to let the seedlings and bulbs lift their flowers into the sky andContinue reading “Soil”