Do i like mustard?

#socs #closeeyesandpoint now here’s something for a Saturday Afternoon apparently there’s more mustard in the world than custard \ i dont mind if its on a burger – or hidden away in some sauce or dish, but it surprised me to find out (thanks to the elves @ QI) that i’d been eating variants of …

Pink sherbet

#CYW #Pinksherbet Someone should really have told you how zingy that pudding really is every day you headed for the ice cream cart rounding on this raspberry combo but your face – after the initial taste of the raspberries engaged into full on scrunch mode as your tongue took on the individual taste

Parcel of fun

#food #curry #pastie #FDDA To some its a heavenly dish kept wrapped up in its pastry parcel king of the curries (created by the british) arm yourself though – the recipes vary Made the same way of the days of empire a meat is spiced in a number of spices and rolled around in a …


Salford, 3rd June 2020 Baked – like a cake – but for longer it’s middle depends on it’s flavour sometimes it’s jam if its a dodger creamy flavoured middle if custard or bourbon usually eaten with a beverage, like tea or coffee incredible range down the biscuit aisle taken and dunked, regularly, around afternoon tea


ferried by box or by bag Usually on birthdays Delightful cubes of butter sugar and cream Get sent to the house Easily a delightful treat Fairs at Christmas time usually have stalls selling this delicious treat, and it’s not just cubes great shapes are made using cutters expect strawberry hearts, mint chocolate rounds and raspberry …

Banana Split

Flavorful Served up in a glass bowl Wonderful fruit combines with frosty ice cream Everyone smiling as the bananas are Enveloped by the Ice cold tastes of strawberry and chocolate and cream Together – as they melt and mingle – they make a heavenly delight

The Art of a sandwich

Edible Some say it begins with a loaf of bread, nicely sliced – type – to your preference – two slices next – comes the spread – butter, margarine, salad cream or sandwich spread dedicated sandwich makers always go for the mayo when that’s been applied, on goes the salad, lettuce cucumber tomato If you …

Fruit salad

Savor The Oranges sliced, sing on the plate… they’ve been quite lonely as of late all alone in their bowl of blue looking quite bright – but with nothing to do Now with apples, diced they share bowls that cooks of note prepare with other fruit from orchards near and strawberries grown in the fields …

Fudge :)

I. Butter meets pan Sugar melts in butter Both held by cream   II Sweet little cubes settle down in the fridge but don’t set like jelly   III Chocolate, Cherry, Mint Lined up in rows alongside Vanilla Coconut – a favourite   IV cubes of sweetness transported to the tongue heading for hips