Acrostic Food Poetry Sweets


image.jpgferried by box or by bag

Usually on birthdays

Delightful cubes of butter sugar and cream

Get sent to the house

Easily a delightful treat

Fairs at Christmas time

usually have stalls selling this

delicious treat, and it’s not just cubes

great shapes are made using cutters

expect strawberry hearts, mint chocolate rounds and raspberry diamonds 

Acrostic Food Poetry Strawberries Sweets

Banana Split



Served up in a glass bowl

Wonderful fruit combines with frosty ice cream

Everyone smiling as the bananas are

Enveloped by the Ice cold tastes of strawberry and chocolate and cream

Together – as they melt and mingle – they make a heavenly delight

Acrostic Food

The Art of a sandwich


Some say it begins with

a loaf of bread, nicely sliced – type – to your preference – two slices

next – comes the spread – butter, margarine, salad cream or sandwich spread

dedicated sandwich makers always go for the mayo

when that’s been applied, on goes the salad, lettuce cucumber tomato

If you fancy it, add olives or sweetcorn and then

cover it in your favourite meat before putting the top on


Eating Food Fruit Poetry Strawberries Treats

Fruit salad



The Oranges sliced, sing on the plate…
they’ve been quite lonely as of late
all alone in their bowl of blue
looking quite bright – but with nothing to do

Now with apples, diced they share
bowls that cooks of note prepare
with other fruit from orchards near
and strawberries grown in the fields each year

In places, you may find some peaches or pears
(depending on what chef has prepared)
mixed up lightly so the fruit is served loose,
served up in its own syrup or juice.

Served up from a place that is quite cold,
so they stay fresh and don’t go old.
A lunchtime, brunch, or evening treat
that any child would love to eat.

And served up wi’ th’ fruit to make children’s dream
is a serving of custard, or better – ice cream!
All served up in a coloured round bowl
An empty dish is the little child’s goal.

Cooking Eating Food Poetry Sweets Treat Treats

Fudge :)



Butter meets pan

Sugar melts in butter

Both held by cream



Sweet little cubes

settle down in the fridge

but don’t set like jelly



Chocolate, Cherry, Mint

Lined up in rows alongside Vanilla

Coconut – a favourite



cubes of sweetness

transported to the tongue

heading for hips


Food Fun Growing up Poetry



Sat on the table,

with a note by its side

“Do Not Touch” – Says the label

that’s by the cake on the table

prepared by nephews, nanna and me

for little sisters birthday tea

But it looks so nice there – sat on its own

hungry Horace is a sneaking – but his cover is blown

he wonders into a very sweet dream

pondering chocolate and fondant and cream

Temptation makes him into the kitchen stray,

but Grandad’s in sitting room – and watches him sway

“No – one will know” , says Horace to himself,

till Grandad enters kitchen – putting cake on the shelf!!!

Food Poetry

(Apple) tart



sweet as you are,

you needn’t try to butter me up.

Your character precedes you

Created from carefully crafted slices

Of awfully awesome green apples

covered by custard or cream

a delicious little thing you are

perfect pudding after a pork dinner

Cooking Food Fruit Sweets

When Life gives you lemons…make a pie

In response to the challenge Pie

Yes they’re sour – but they’re still a fruit.

and there is nothing more refreshing  than a Lemon Meringue Pie.


The colour of the filling practically sings of a summer day.

So, you prepare your pie dish – I have been told there’s a cheats way of making this.  But its awfully risky – where you make up a cheesecake base from digestive biscuits  and mould it to the tin.  I suggest using your regular shortcake pastry – Blind Baked.  The walls of the pie have to be pretty sturdy, or the wet lemon filling will ooze out before its had time to set properly.

Squeeze your lemons, into a bowl – add some sugar and gelatine – And finally some lemon zest.  Cook it down till the ingredients have come together and then set aside

Check your pie crust – take it out of the pie dish and place on a large plate – then fill the pie with your lemon filling.  If you wish – you may want to layer the base with lemon curd – but its not necessary, its optional – place the pie in a cold part of the refrigerator and leave until the lemon filling has set in the piecrust.  It should be set like jelly in the case.

Then make up your meringue – egg whites and sugar – mix in a bowl until the egg whites have taken up all the sugar. The Meringue should be opaque.  Take your pie out of the fridge and cover the lemon filling with the meringue . You can pipe this out with a piping bag or place the meringue on top with a large spoon.  Once covered place back in the oven under the grill and wait until the meringue begins to brown

Leave to cool in a dry area. and then – when the pie is cooled…

Slice up liberally and serve with either cream or ice-cream, and enjoy!