10th February 2019 #Football To readers the other side of the big pond – a poem about football or what you call soccer – Inky While the greats are revered in Bronze New idols are to be cheered on by the fans At both ends of the East Lancashire Road Fans follow every kick , head everyContinue reading “Anticipate”


Cloaked Could that new fangled coloured box, be that must have games machine you’ve been Looking at in the newspapers and magazines all year Over every review, it supposedly beats the competition hands down As you are lined up with your friends, the gossip Keeps on growing – as to what is inside it ExpectationContinue reading “Cloaked”


Argument The fuse was lit at Half Time but its a slow burner this one was it a foul? infringement ? or just down right dangerous ?   Learned friends, now debate On Blue on Red bringing up ancient history in the process   They argue their sides Was he beaten by skill or wasContinue reading “Argument”