A post in response to the Tuesday Photo Challenge from Inky Tuesday 26th March 2019 What’s with the guitar Inky ? I thought i’d start with the musical link – an electric guitar. Clapton, May, Deacon come to mind. It’s loud but in time is methodical, and lyrical – its also the nearest thing toContinue reading “Rock”

Lighting the dark

Luminescent Tuesday 10th April 2018 It glows lighting up the darkness for all who seek the light colours brighten the morning sky produced by insects that do fly up the trees and plants around feeding on nectar, without making a sound to others they brighten a darkened day but they’re happy to just fly aroundContinue reading “Lighting the dark”


Percussive Time to keep a beat, time to make a noise play along with the music men and remember keep that poise Play those maracas and hit those bongo drums make a sound with the cocoa tins something that rattles and hums Its all about keeping the rythum and playing your part in your timeContinue reading “Percussive”


Riff Right about now in music classrooms in high schools up and down the land four piece bands are being formed and fret boards are taking a hammering Repeated notes in ordered formation fill empty spaces on the musical page forming a foundation to create something magical Rythum and Blues follow guitar in concert hallsContinue reading “Riff”


Crescendo The noise began softly enough as the orchestra’s strings began to play the flutes and the piccalos joined in with the tune led by an oboe and a bassoon to the listenener the music was perfectly poised as those there playing were joined by a bang and held in the air – silence itContinue reading “Crescendo”