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  • Getting the band back together

    #WDYS #Orchestra #Conductor #Principal #Musicians The music had been written now the construction had to begin ink hitting finest vellum in a noble attempt to bring together strings, horns, piano and brass not forgetting, the clash and bang of percussion all to meet up for a number of nights under the spotlight in a grand […]

  • Mask

    #MLMM The tribal mask stood outside the giant temple worshippers arriving Dressed in colourful ware ready to hear the sounds of music from the gods Beats from a giant drum begin the sounds of a thousand feet tapping away

  • Bottom

    #Writeclub #Music #Tuba #Acrostic Bringing a moment of “Musical Accompaniment” to proceedings out of nowhere comes this magical tune – you might not realise where its from till somewhere in the crowd out front and centre – a solitary individual makes themselves known to all and sundry

  • Cadence

    #Napowrimo #writeclub Listen…. can you hear it? as the morning sun pops its head above the horizon the rise and fall of the musical local wildlife discussing the day can be heard in every green space in the land news of the morning new chicks in the nest meaning more than one food stop for […]

  • Jazz

    #Fowc #Jazz A drum beat out all down the street alongside a trumpet playing a treat Music that made people tap their feet with sounds that cheered them o so sweet Trumpets played boogie while tambourines played and Trombones followed on meeting the grade Ragtime tunes to entertain the crowds and they joined in the […]

  • Keeping time

    Keeping time

    #FFFC #Music #Poetry It was like he’d never been away. the audience cheered and called out his name as he beat out a familiar rhythm with his sticks while the musicians around him followed his tune an old pied piper watching the jazz mice dance in the morning the writers would pour on praise as […]

  • Music


    #Fowc #Music Something with a definite Rythym Something with a definite Hum Don’t need an expensive instrument Percussion can be more than a drum tapping a beat down the street using a gate, or a wall or perhaps some dustbin lids bringing a tune to all Double bass made from a Tea Chest Tuba from […]

  • Tinkling the Ivories

    #writephoto A famous composer, passed away They say he died on stage He had an illustrious and varied career for one so long in age The memorial, it was a musical one and fellow musicians they wept as they reminisced on their old pal and chum and the musical appearances kept He was buried down […]

  • Instrument


    #Discoverprompt It’s a tool, for creating notes you can hear some are singular but many are grouped that depends on if you are going up the notes or down rhythms are formed as the notes are played usually its a beat set out by a drum or perhaps another percussion musicians follow the notes to […]

  • On Line Gig

    On Line Gig

    27th March 2021 #Entertainment #Lockdown #Saturday Saturday night, and till next week (i know its only two days). The hostelries are still closed, and the theatres are shut so what’ll i be doing tonight ? Getting my groove on with the Lancashire hotpots….Live on the internet. For me, it’s nothing new. The museum i volunteer […]