Music Nature


#Napowrimo #writeclub

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can you hear it?

as the morning sun

pops its head above the horizon

the rise and fall of the musical local wildlife

discussing the day

can be heard in every green space in the land

news of the morning

new chicks in the nest

meaning more than one food stop

for Mr Sparrow and Mr Blackbird

Music Poetry


#Fowc #Jazz

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A drum beat out all down the street

alongside a trumpet playing a treat

Music that made people tap their feet

with sounds that cheered them o so sweet

Trumpets played boogie while tambourines played

and Trombones followed on meeting the grade

Ragtime tunes to entertain the crowds

and they joined in the tunes singing aloud

And young and the old proceeded to dance

and couples they moved – given a chance

up and down the familiar street

dancing to the rhythm keeping time with their feet

and keeping time with the trumpets and trombones – the sax

pumping out musical chords to the max

and people that heard it would give out a cheer

as it played all the tunes they all liked to hear

Music People Performance Poetry

Keeping time

#FFFC #Music #Poetry

It was like he’d never been away.

the audience cheered and called out his name

as he beat out a familiar rhythm with his sticks

while the musicians around him followed his tune

an old pied piper watching the jazz mice dance

in the morning the writers would pour on praise

as he poured a cup of tea to go with his toasted crumpets

Music Poetry


#Fowc #Music

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Something with a definite Rythym

Something with a definite Hum

Don’t need an expensive instrument

Percussion can be more than a drum

tapping a beat down the street

using a gate, or a wall

or perhaps some dustbin lids

bringing a tune to all

Double bass made from a Tea Chest

Tuba from an old Garden Hose

rice , peas and beans in a sealed up tin

what tunes can come from those

Improvised Music, from everyday things

can bring smiles to people with the tune it brings

Might not be the Royal Albert hall

but we’re all having fun – and having a ball!

Music Poetry

Tinkling the Ivories


A Tomb (Image credit: KL Caley)

A famous composer, passed away

They say he died on stage

He had an illustrious and varied career

for one so long in age

The memorial, it was a musical one

and fellow musicians they wept

as they reminisced on their old pal and chum

and the musical appearances kept

He was buried down deep in the graveyard

alongside artistic friends (and some foes)

and given a quite comfy coffin

so he’d sleep from his head to his toes

but late last night, something happened

to wake all the birds in the woods

as composers below – they put on a show

performing their musical goods

Acrostic Music Poetry



Guitar by BF Kirkham

It’s a tool, for creating

notes you can hear

some are singular but many are grouped

that depends on if you are going up the notes or down

rhythms are formed as the notes are played

usually its a beat set out by a drum or perhaps another percussion

musicians follow the notes to create

enchanting melodies , orchestral, blues or pop –

nautical numbers or militaria marching tunes

taken from a musical or perhaps an opera.

Music Poetry

On Line Gig

27th March 2021

#Entertainment #Lockdown #Saturday

Saturday night,

and till next week (i know its only two days).

The hostelries are still closed, and the theatres are shut

so what’ll i be doing tonight ?

Getting my groove on with the Lancashire hotpots….Live on the internet.

For me, it’s nothing new. The museum i volunteer at has had loads of on-line talks and performances while we’ve all been stuck indoors….Advance notice of the remembrance poppies at IWM North returning was mentioned last week in the On-line meetings we’ve had while the Museum is Shut, and these will continue for the next seven days at least.

To fill the time aside from the meetings i’ve revisited my artworks from the photo archive of the Museum, and i’ll be doing another one – whilst keeping an eye on the time.

Acrostic Music


#Fowc #Amplify

Sat in your student halls

Engrossed in your books

Needing something to distract from the doubt in your head

Sensational tunes as you scribble away

Amplified by some serious sub-woofers

To your housemates, you’re working along to your course notes

In fact, they’re half right

Only while you scribble away at your latest assignment

Notes of an alternative kind are playing through your headphones

Music Poetry Religion


Cathedral walls filled with voices as

Harmonic music was played throughout

Orators of great note – joined in

Resounding hymns and psalms

Until the time came – and

Silence and Reverence came with eucharistic rites

Music Poetry

Absent Minded

#Promptuarium #Napowrimo

Salford 24th April 2020

He was part of the attraction

of the rock star band

people would roar, on every tour

when they saw him stand

One day, though in August

something happened out on stage

as the large unwieldly Iron man

thought he was Jimmy Page

No Guitar to speak of,

though his speakers they did blast

heard from far , playing air guitar

playing the bands hits from the past

The band all looked round speechless

as he did his bit to their songs

but the fans they all were cheering

so join in they did , before long

And after the concert was finished

and the robot was boxed away

the fans they would all still be talking

about the day, air guitar he did play