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  • In the Air

    #Promptuarium #scouts #cubs #camping Down in the Forest the young’uns were having a whale of a time as flames wrapped around collected kindling and the billy can cooked up the latest supper while chef watched over the meat stewing songs were sung and skits performed and scouts, cubs and beavers kept warm by the roaring […]

  • Singing along

    Singing along

    He’s playing that melody a simple folk song on his six string guitar about a boat on the sea and the fisherman strong attracting a crowd from villages afar and they’re joining in the chorus – aloud

  • New Moon

    New Moon

    #Promptuarium #Newmoon It’s not like you didn’t see it coming leaving the cats and dogs outside on the sight of a new moon For as the moonlight shone down on your patch of green something amazing indeed was seen Dogs and cats all howling away all through the night (and some of the day) and […]

  • Song


    #Socs #Song It’s been really quiet recently. Actors and musicians have been in their rooms the theatres have closed because of a bug no buskers on the street either Something needed to be done resident birds calling out in tune celebrating the sunshine telling the human beans indoors it’s time to get up Cats on […]

  • Chorus

    Cathedral walls filled with voices as Harmonic music was played throughout Orators of great note – joined in Resounding hymns and psalms Until the time came – and Silence and Reverence came with eucharistic rites

  • Birdsong (Summer)

    No rumble of traffic No noise in the street Not many people Navigating the street But somewhere in th’ treetops swaying in the air families of birds are chatting away there Singing ’bout blue skies and the weather that’s greet while on mobile’s behind the glass the humans all tweet

  • Dance

    #Writephoto #Dance

  • The Buskers Dilemma

    Their pitch was in the perfect location Their routine rehearsed to perfection and for once – the sun was shining No problem with people passing by, or pigeons up in the blue sky they had a crowd, who cheered laughed and cried They sung out most of the afternoon till the dawn of the appearing […]

  • Upbeat

    #fowc #upbeat Salford, 16th September U know what it is Picking up your step to the Beat of the rhythm and bass Even singing a bar or two As you stroll through the park Today’s a great day – keep moving to the music

  • Noise

    Noise Salford, 15th March 2018   Noted academics, would call it a break in the silence Owls wake at the sound of the shrill Interested passers by, wonder where the wailing is coming from Songs sung in the shower – screeching through the air Exceptional harmonious melodies ? hardly!