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  • Getting the band back together

    #WDYS #Orchestra #Conductor #Principal #Musicians The music had been written now the construction had to begin ink hitting finest vellum in a noble attempt to bring together strings, horns, piano and brass not forgetting, the clash and bang of percussion all to meet up for a number of nights under the spotlight in a grand […]

  • MP3 resurrected the radio star

    #radio #comic #video #MP3 They say that many a comic has died a death on stage back in the days before telly their acts were all the rage They’d record their gags in a studio in front of a selective few and transmit it across the radio where the humour seemed fresh and new They’d […]

  • Tinkling the Ivories

    #writephoto A famous composer, passed away They say he died on stage He had an illustrious and varied career for one so long in age The memorial, it was a musical one and fellow musicians they wept as they reminisced on their old pal and chum and the musical appearances kept He was buried down […]

  • The last performance

    #MLMM The projectionist put the film roll on for the final time as the film beamed out onto the wall Impromptu audience – mainly the staff sat in their seats with their drinks and snacks as the feature began Priced out by those pesky supermarkets unable to match ticket for DVD so the developers moved […]

  • Coffee Shop Poet

    Coffee Shop Poet

    #writeclub #coffeeshoppoet “John at the bar is a friend of mine – he gets me my drinks for free” (Piano Man – B.Joel) Somethings brewin’ not in the kettle and not in the coffee machine but paper’s developing a masterpiece Created in the Coffee shop out of observations fixed in the mind flowing words fall […]

  • Mirror Man

    Mirror Man

    #FFFC #Mirror #Man Manchester, 7th October 2019 A tale of a street performer, inspired by Fandango’s Picture in the Flash Fiction Challenge He Stands on his spot, on the grass in the square, doing his thing while the others stare. Today it is sunny, so today – there’s a crowd with his occasional movement they […]

  • Poetic

    #Fowc #Poetic Performing Penguin on the ice engages with his fellow birds the only way he can in the art of juggling his dinner could you call it poetry in motion ? the audience think so

  • Burnt Orange

    #Coloryourworld #Cyw #BurntOrange I’ve never got my head around this from Lancashire to Yorkshire, from Spain to Greece I’d sit in amusement as master chefs who made the grade, cooking food as a show,  Practicing their trade toasting a poor citrus slice – within an inch of its life (and occasionally catching the chef – causing strife) […]

  • The Musical Place

    The Musical Place

      A poem dedicated to the Millennium Landmark of the Arts – based right in my home city, by the banks of the Manchester ship canal. There’s a place by Pier Eight, at the end of the quay – where people go looking for things to see. I’m talking of Art from Present and Past, […]