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Salford, 16th September

U know what it is

Picking up your step to the

Beat of the rhythm and bass

Even singing a bar or two

As you stroll through the park

Today’s a great day – keep moving to the music

Acrostic Home Poetry



For years now, people have been

ranting over the amount of packaging an item is wrapped in.

a thing they need to consider is where it’s

going to. There’s a lot of movement in a delivery van, and

if the owners don’t want their precious vases turned into a jigsaw puzzle

lifting the cargo will take a little bit of t.l,c.

equally, it will remind the removals team not to use them as a rugby ball

Museums Photography

Long Goodbye

IWM North via Salford, 26th March 2018

We’re losing an old friend in a few days time.

T34 Russian Tank
A Stalwart of the Russian Army in World War II – The T-34 was a powerful tank and had a Six man crew

The Russian T-34 Tank , having spent 13 years in Greater Manchester, notedly around the Cold war area of the Main exhibition space, will be on its way back to its owner before heading off to pastures new

The boys and girls from exhibitions have already started to get it going, in preparation for the move.

It’ll still be around for a short while, whilst the team work out the logistics of moving The T-34 and replacing it with the new exhibit.

A New Tank, the Mathilda , will be taking its place.

Won’t be forgetting this one though – as i wrote a verse or two about it – you can read that here

#UPDATE – 2nd April 2018.

The T-34 has now left the building, and the boys and girls from operations have updated the parking space in the MES in prep for the new tanks arrival – more when i have it.

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A response to the prompt Roots

by Brian F Kirkham for the Inkwell

Salford 8th May 2017

Like any other little seed,

you need time to grow

grasp the air

spread some branches

And when the time is right

charged with energy and excitement

you’ll take your own flight

before landing on the soil of your choice

But remember your past

for the time will have passed

and contemplate the time

passed through movement and rhyme

for its time to develop

and grow new shoots

but dont forget family

the place of your roots

Buildings Home Life

A House is not a Home

Our House

This house stood
with its brothers side by side
an open window – letting a draft of air through
This empty shell

No one looked
at the empty shell
till one day – a little yellow car pulled up
and Dad arrived

He looked through
past the desolate halls
and saw something – beyond the bare brick walls
A shell ? No more

We painted walls
Cleaned up the space
Opened the windows – and brought air to the place
Mum Dad Sis and me – moved in at pace

Over time we added new things
a bed, bath, TV
In corner of garden – we planted a tree
which became home for the birds and occasional bee

And as time moved on – things they did change
Little sis moved south – at first that was strange
but now she returns with family in tow
handy when the big square of grass needs a mow

People may leave – but back they do roam
proving its not bricks that make house a home
From Easter in Spring and Christmas and New Year
its family all that makes life so dear.