Salford 3rd September Reduced to a second relic in the corner Even the technician suggested it was past its best Computer’s do have a shelf life – but To others – all that was needed, was a bit of Installation and dusting down Fresh drivers and a spot of cleaner – soon back to itsContinue reading “Rectify”


#wifi #fowc Salford, 13th March An acrostic on WiFi technology in response to fandangos one word challenge Wireless…. It’s like your stereo, but it’s much more Fun….particularly if you like gaming It allows you to move around with your devices World Wide Web In the palm of your hands For the time you need InstantContinue reading “WiFi”


Cloaked Could that new fangled coloured box, be that must have games machine you’ve been Looking at in the newspapers and magazines all year Over every review, it supposedly beats the competition hands down As you are lined up with your friends, the gossip Keeps on growing – as to what is inside it ExpectationContinue reading “Cloaked”

Waiting for the next big thing…

Is it me? or has the calendar been re-drawn ? You’ve been after that bright shiny object for ages The latest thing, that’s in all the shops   But now, its here, you’re all forlorn as you parted with a load of your wages you left feeling like the pick of the pops   The packagingContinue reading “Waiting for the next big thing…”

Organised chaos

Chaos regular viewers : this is not for viewers of a nervous disposition) Salford, 4th November 2016 I have a storage cupboard for all my computing and photography gear. Given we’ve just had Halloween – its pretty darn frightening. Brace yourself……here’s the top draw (AAARGH!) Thing is its mostly my computing gear – cables forContinue reading “Organised chaos”

Pro’s and Con’s of a Beta Tester

Salford , 4th November 2016 Guido (or Guy) Fawkes was the man who came up with the idea to blow up parliament during the English civil war. Its rumoured he hung out at the medieval hall of the Radclyffe family, Ordsall Hall in Salford, whilst hiding from the Lord protector and his men. He was caughtContinue reading “Pro’s and Con’s of a Beta Tester”


In response to the Daily post Prompt Value Funny thing is that word VALUE its quite easy to equate it in the mecca of shopping I know as ASDA but my American / Canadian Cousins call – WALMART I walked round the American Giant that’s landed on its cousins shores We were looking for aContinue reading “Value”