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Salford 3rd September

Reduced to a second relic in the corner

Even the technician suggested it was past its best

Computer’s do have a shelf life – but

To others – all that was needed, was a bit of

Installation and dusting down

Fresh drivers and a spot of cleaner – soon back to its

Youthful side, particularly with a new CD-Rom Drive


Poetry, Technology

#wifi #fowc

Salford, 13th March

An acrostic on WiFi technology in response to fandangos one word challenge


It’s like your stereo, but it’s much more

Fun….particularly if you like gaming

It allows you to move around with your devices

World Wide Web

In the palm of your hands

For the time you need

Instant information

Wondering around

In the great outdoors, whilst

Following the goings on at home on

Instagram, Facebook, and twitter

Where would we be without this technology?

Internet and telephone

Fixed into the wall….dial up networks ?

It’s not fun at all…you’re waiting forever to connect


Acrostic, Technology


Could that new fangled coloured box, be that must have games machine you’ve been

Looking at in the newspapers and magazines all year

Over every review, it supposedly beats the competition hands down

As you are lined up with your friends, the gossip

Keeps on growing – as to what is inside it

Expectation grows as well – until the

Drapes are lifted and the secret is out.

Waiting for the next big thing…

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Is it me? or has the calendar been re-drawn ?

You’ve been after that bright shiny object for ages

The latest thing, that’s in all the shops


But now, its here, you’re all forlorn

as you parted with a load of your wages

you left feeling like the pick of the pops


The packaging all bashed and worn

The manual that goes on for ages

the object of desire – tomorrow – price drops


For the latest model – has been born

the topic of all technological sages

and your happiness for your purchase – flops


Organised chaos

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regular viewers : this is not for viewers of a nervous disposition)

Salford, 4th November 2016

I have a storage cupboard for all my computing and photography gear.

Given we’ve just had Halloween – its pretty darn frightening.

Brace yourself……here’s the top draw



Thing is its mostly my computing gear – cables for cameras, Old Cameras that have gone past their best – and electronic projects pushed out by the newer stuff.

Yes – to the untrained eye – its chaos. But I can always lay my hand on an item in this draw if I need it.

My other shelves ? Perfect! sorted in a manner the British Library could be proud of.


I’d call that draw my mausoleum to the unused.

but I know that one day – i’ll go in there to use an item

Pro’s and Con’s of a Beta Tester


Salford , 4th November 2016

Guido (or Guy) Fawkes was the man who came up with the idea to blow up parliament during the English civil war.

Its rumoured he hung out at the medieval hall of the Radclyffe family, Ordsall Hall in Salford, whilst hiding from the Lord protector and his men.

He was caught and executed, but his deeds are remembered every 5th November

You’re probably wondering why i’m bring this up at 0030 hours GMT


Its quite simple – Microsoft decided two hours ago to plant their latest release of Windows 10 on my hard drive….Fireworks of a technological kind.

What the latest build brings to the party is at present – anybody’s guess – I’m sure there will be new features.. but will they have fixed any of the faults reported by me and my fellow users…??? its amusing how this process ran 24 hrs in succession

I sought solace in a new build for wordpress 🙂 and a 3D paint app that was being trialled.

Adobe and Corel’s posts to my hard drive will now surely follow in the next few days.


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In response to the Daily post Prompt


Funny thing is that word


its quite easy to equate it in the mecca of shopping I know as ASDA but my American / Canadian Cousins call – WALMART

I walked round the American Giant that’s landed on its cousins shores

We were looking for a new TV – I’m No good with Measurements so i’ll put it this way

80 DVD Cases long, 5 DVD Cases High

Digital (of Course) , Sky Sockets, USB and High Def Sockets

Funny thing – they were all for a particular three figure model – the Kate Moss / Naomi Campbell / Kate Upton of Televisions…with all the mod cons – Blue-ray, HD, Hi-DEF and all internet connected by the wi-fi – and bigger size than the humble Digital Flatscreen that sat in the corner of the room.

My dad was completely convinced… until I posed a little question

My little sisters brood came into the equation….

“Is it Grandson Proof ?”

The search for a replacement continues…..


UPDATE – Dad has his Telly!!!!

Its got all the mod cons he wanted – internet…On demand TV….Universal Remote…

After seeing his decision-making in the store, I’m glad he’s happy with it….