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  • Some Goalie

    #WDYS The Animals from the Jungle were playing the animals from the swamp the game they played was football and on the pitch they charged and stomped The ball it went out freely but to the alligators surprise when they got up close to the goalmouth the goalie started to rise No matter how much […]

  • Heptathlon

    Host of individual events engaging together through the awarding of points, everything from throwing the javelin or a long distance run or aiming to get the highest or longest jump the winner is the one awarded the highest number of points in the contest – often those leaping longest into the sandpit or getting the […]

  • Javelin

    #Commonwealthgames #Athletics #Field #Javelin You could call it one of the oldest disciplines as the soldiers hurled their spears deep into enemy territory but instead of aiming for another army your agile spear is aiming for height and length as it climbs through the air to land on the field of play hit the distance […]

  • Hoops

    #commonwealthgames #b2022 #birmingham #basketball #3×3 The ball travelled around the court as masters of their craft tried to score for their team With speed, and some grace the ball travelled toward the hoop sometime dropping through the net but others bouncing off the ring Clock ticking down as the scoreboard added points distance the all […]

  • Commonwealth

    #commonwealth #games #sport #culture #Queen They’re meeting up in Birmingham like Glasgow and Manchester before to take part in the friendly games and go for medals galore From Canada and Australia they’ll gather and from Caribbean Islands they’ll meet to take part in a number of sporting events some that are down your street And […]

  • Framed

    #1MinFiction Wanted A pair of handlebars and a comfy seat and a pair of wheels that will head down the street Two new pedals, so i can go for medals A couple of gears , that’ll last for years oh – finally a key – to set me free Written by Inky for Cyranny’s 1 […]

  • Why did i agree to this?

    #writeclub #Volunteering #Sports Its Four o’clock in the morning and i’m up with the lark the bag is packed for the job and i’m headed for the park Breakfast of fruity muesli builds up my resolve as i ponder over the job in hand and problems i might have to solve I dress up warmly […]

  • Hole with a view

    Hole with a view

    #whatsinthepicture #photoprompt Golf can be a treacherous game walking out miles from the safety of the cosy clubhouse to the first tee journey rugged to a deceptive beauty ball carefully placed on the tee club measured for the perfect weight of shot but golfer beware for out on the windy cliff you may find your […]

  • Madison


    #Olympic #Cycling #Madison Medals of precious medal are the prize as the athletes dart around the track on their cycle relay in search of the top three positions some say bronze and silver are runners up – of course everyone wants gold… reality no one wants to be fourth

  • Upside down

    Upside down

    #writingprompt #upsidedown In a topsy turvy world as sunlight headed for the horizon the sun was rising on the other half of the earth While people were eating their evening meal athletes were in the gymnasium after having a hearty breakfast so as breakfast tv was being shown on the big box athletes were making […]