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They’re building something – big

Metallic spaghetti rising high into the sky

Something to keep the buildings bits together

while it’s put in its place

Its going to be big

soaring into the skies above

the builders on its framework

need a head for heights

Ladders reaching for the moon

as floors are built – one to ten

bricks and breezeblocks needed

on each and every floor

Structure taking shape, while the builders do their thing

and other craftsman travel through

making sure you can make a brew or watch tv

when all the work is done

Building complete ? Structure Sound ?

Spaghetti makes its way back to level one

Where big wheeled wagons are waiting

to take it to the next construction.

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The day Big Ben landed in Manchester

Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester.

A response by inky

Big Ben lands in Piccadilly gardens, as part of Manchester international festival #MIF21

Among the summer fountains

and stalls for this and that

something from Westminster

landed on ground – Flat

It took local wildlife by surprise

and pigeons they did up and rise

to see this tower – now lying adrift

on their spot they were a little miffed

The fountains spurted in their shock

while seagulls in their turn – did mock

“We thought we didn’t have the power

and now we have to put up with this tower?”

The clock – itself – was quiet that day

as the visiting public made their way

giving the tower some funny looks

as the tower was covered in paperback books

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Creepy limestone steps

turning and twisting

rising up higher and higher

as they meet daylight

Ascending the steps

a bit of a task

be careful as you climb

and look out for those handholds

Walls wet from last nights rain

Dawn showing sunlight

from an open door

that isn’t there

Sunshine – a promise

of what lies ahead

what’s at the top ?

enjoy the view


Hilltop House

#Promptuarium #Hilltophouse

You could definately call it – a “Room with a View”

from the top of the house – you could see for miles away

be able to converse with the swallows and skylarks

en-suite facilities – hardly mod cons – but you have toilet and coal fire

your only problems – climbing up all those stairs to bed

and come breakfast time, your egg on toast will need heating up



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Tower : Image by KL Caley

I suppose you might call it palatial

a step up from the dungeon

but your new quarters in the castle

hardly give you freedom

The view from your room is majestic

as far as your eyes can see

but there’s no-one around – to hear your sounds

so you can’t exactly call yourself free

There’s a doorway out to the meadow,

but its locked with a kind of a grid

and guarded with one or two soldiers

to make sure that you’re well hid

They’ve decorated it like a palace

with candy colours and fancy curtains and all

but kept at the top of the tower

you won’t be the belle at the ball…..

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Rising up

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From the towers base

you could easily make

out where you saw

pathway to cosmos

lit up in plasma colours

laser pink and blue

UFO Friendly ?

a call to every craft –

“Come and Visit!”

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Blackpool, 11th April 2017

Tuesday saw me take a little trip up the motorway to Blackpool with my sister Anne Marie and my two nephews James and George


Blackpool Tower

It wasn’t really seaside weather so, we visited the Tower circus and the Sea life centre instead….

The sea life centre was our first place we visited – and we all enjoyed the sharks, and the dolphins and Rays (as well as the fish)


looking at the big fish!




Mr Lobster




Big Grumpy Fish






My nephews with their Mummy (my little blister)


The Circus Ring – Before the Show

There were lots of acrobats, and juggling and trapeze acts at this show, and plenty of clowning around…and lots of laughter.

We finished off the day with a picnic lunch by the tower.






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A Cat-astrophe



6th September 2016

The scene Blackpool promenade – a local fish and chip emporium

family of four – Mum,Dad and two boys eating , outside in the summer sun – what else but fish? – haddock and chips

the two lads are asked would they like an ice cream

they say yes – meanwhile in the distance a seagull is watching from a safe distance

One asks for Strawberry the other Vanilla – and the boys wait patiently for their ice creams to be delivered.

The Fish shops cat appears into the Blackpool sunshine,  purring away in the hope for some scraps of fish. She follows the waitress, from just a few paces away, as the seagull makes its move. The seagull swoops in – and is stopped by the cat – just as the waitress delivers the ice creams

Chaos ensues, as the cat and seagull rumble for goodies under poor waitresses feet. The Ice Creams land off target and an odd plate of leftovers lands on the floor

Cue the owner – avec sweeping brush and an assistant with two more ice creams – on the house – Cut to a Cat with the spoils and the Seagull with the scraps.

dropped ice cream cone
dropped ice cream cone