Salford, 27th April 2018

In response to the DP Prompt Notable

Nobody could miss the headline of the redtops

big brash and bold – and splashed liberally across the front page

A headline to shock – “EXCLUSIVE” and “SCOOP”

in bold capitals

everyone read the news underneath

till it was proven the day later – it was all a fabrication

politicians calling for editors heads , celebs joining in the circus

reporters not at their desks, hiding from the limelight

photographers seeking solace by a sunny retreat

the apology was notable – issued two days later

short and hidden on a column on Page 4

Acrostic Poetry




For a while now

a section of the press has

lacked the actual skills required to go out and

seek a newsworthy story.

even the TV News is doing it, its not just the papers


Falsehoods blur the lines

and your regular citizen cant see whats going on, as

lies are hidden , behind a fog of

supposed outrage and intregue

expect a backlash – after the damage has been done


Acrostic internet News TV

Read all about it!

In response to the prompt

Now, here’s something

Everyone’s taken aback by the news today

When you go to the shop to pick up your paper – it might not be there

Some bright spark in Fleet Street would rather you use your

Personal device via “The web”.

All in a vain attempt to be one step ahead of the TV,

Press hacks aren’t happy as their work is consigned to history (and the fish shop)..

Expect a few rumbles from this idea

Reactions from those on the front page – definitely mixed

Photography Places Poetry TV


DSCF1417 (1).JPG

A Glass palace has been built

on the banks of the canal

it’s not for the royals –

but its not common or banal

It’s a place where programmes will

be written and played

and where young northerners

will learn out a trade

Where Drama – of Th’ Lowry

will be played out on screen

whilst players eat at restaurants

in buildings between.

And major networks set up in old port

broadcasting most of the national sport

from old Trafford’s cricket and football in day

to far off events in places away

These building is local – built up by the skilled

trained up by academy – in City and Guild

Taken over by companies of National Aplomb

plenty more lights, camera, action to come


Opportunity Arises – Praise Be!

I attended mass this morning, having been away after tests in hospital and the holiday in Turkey and

have been presented with a bit of a challenge….

“Draw up a web site for the local RC Church and Parish”

I had a bit of hindsight on this one to be truthful – as one of the people behind the project asked me to do a few snaps of the church…

What I have asked for is a brief so I can work on a suitable prototype.

More to Follow as and when I get it.

Holidays News

Earth cow on the move!!!

Earth Cow is on the Move (for a short while)

After an eventful few weeks mum and dad have decided we need a holiday…so we’re off for some r and r in Turkey.  

This is where I can happily post a disclaimer….I didn’t pick this one….despite the goings on in nearby states my nearest and dearest said it was a great deal….any grief…I’m on the next plane home….and one shall console myself with the Turkish food