Category: Buildings

  • The Chapel

    #Writephoto #Chapel Inside the castle walls whilst wheat crops are harvested with turnips and all The Lords meet with Bishops in a Building by estate and pray that their souls don’t meet the buildings fate and as sacraments are dealt out in Bread and of Wine The lords of the realm pray that all turns […]

  • Island Fortress

    #writephoto No Man is an Island, or so they say Out in the depths of the lake, someone’s Built a structure, with gates and turrets On the shore, its difficult to tell Right now, how the owner gets his groceries Down by the bay, there’s a jetty Except for the fact – there’s no boat […]

  • Restoration

    #writephoto Those who were selling the plot said it had “Potential” Classic period features Original stonework but it needed a bit of work before you moved in So surveyors and architects draw up the plans explained to the builders, carpenters and all who pull up to the construction office in their vans new plumbing and […]

  • Scaffolding


    #Napowrimo #Syntax #Scaffolding They’re building something – big Metallic spaghetti rising high into the sky Something to keep the buildings bits together while it’s put in its place Its going to be big soaring into the skies above the builders on its framework need a head for heights Ladders reaching for the moon as floors […]

  • Down to the Catacombs

    #writephoto Below the depths, in a very cold place out of hewn stone there’s a spot where aficionados of their favourite tipple like to store their reds, whites and fizzy stuff every weekend, decending the steps for something to go with the Lamb, Chicken, Steak or Fish

  • Bridge

    #writephoto Built in a place where the river , stream or canal makes its way in and out of the place where the people live down below, you can see the water passing as going to the shops, school or work everyone crosses from one place to another

  • A Kind of Window….

    A Kind of Window….

    #writephoto The room you had booked on the internet could be called a room with a view palatial, with sights of the gardens your own balcony with views of the river it could almost be paradise but for one little thing mornings could be a little fresh for in your palatial apartment they’d forgot to […]

  • Bridge


    #fowc #bridge Before the crossing rafts were used to cross the river in time, though – those in the know decided to create something to get the livestock across the expanse of water tween point a and point b

  • Stairwell


    #writephoto Creepy limestone steps turning and twisting rising up higher and higher as they meet daylight Ascending the steps a bit of a task be careful as you climb and look out for those handholds Walls wet from last nights rain Dawn showing sunlight from an open door that isn’t there Sunshine – a promise […]

  • Up the Stairs

    Up the Stairs

    #Promptuarium Moving to the town was always going to be one grand adventure Barleycorns exchanged for the finest food money could buy – right by the door If you knew the spots sweet pastries from beyond the usual mousehole But dangers afoot Living in the Metro town Neighbourhood felines