Salford (Via Trafford Park), 3rd September 2018   This is the place where mighty ships cargo lay resting after its journey after a long ride on the waves   Men toiled in the heat as silent shipping crates moved to the sound of the warehouse mice avoiding the company cat   Inwards and Out theContinue reading “Warehouse”

Here and Now

Salford 19th February 2018 Present I can look back on yesterday Ponder my actions Examine my thoughts Tomorrow lies ahead but sat here in the moment its so far away Preparation – in a short while for journeys to come can ease any last minute nerves The future can wait till the sun rises againContinue reading “Here and Now”


A response to the prompt Roots by Brian F Kirkham for the Inkwell Salford 8th May 2017 Like any other little seed, you need time to grow grasp the air spread some branches And when the time is right charged with energy and excitement you’ll take your own flight before landing on the soil ofContinue reading “Roots”

Standing Statues

A tale of the old cargo cranes that once stood proud by Ontario Basin on Salford Quays. They stood side by side On the edge of the basin Dressed in their regal blue The sky above as clear as day With the sun reflecting their noble form in shadow. Once giants of the waters edgeContinue reading “Standing Statues”

Walking down the streets i knew

Heading from the museum bridge and past the Lowry I’m heading for my little place by the streets once known to me Wharfside still contains its ‘houses but cottons been traded by song Sea Shanties ? No, but sounds of the day that play out all day long Ordsall Hall still stands proud Off TraffordContinue reading “Walking down the streets i knew”