Show n Tell


Salford, 4th September

Iwm Waterside

I’m sat down having Just got home from the Imperial war museum, in Manchester, where i’ve been helping out in the galleries, helping people around.

In this role , i’m occasionally stood by the information station, where various objects to do with the first and second world war are on display

This station is mobile and can move around with its four wheels, around the vast area known as the main exhibition space.

The objects on the information station vary, from gas masks to various headgear, and relate to the large objects around the space.  There are uniforms from modern day conflict as well as those from world war I and II.  As Volunteers, we use the items to introduce visitors to the space as well as putting them at ease with the space they are in – It’s a bit dark in there sometimes.

Records Miner

Another poem – this one’s about the work I do as a volunteer at Imperial War Museum North

On Weekday Afternoons, i’m found
sat by terminals abound
In a Museum, dedicated to war,
and you’re probably asking, what for?

Well, i work the station, Now and then
that looks up records in fives and tens
remembering men and women lost
in the two wars, counting the cost

And people often come to me,
to search for some info , by degree
for a relative, a loved one, or an old friend
to learn where someone met their end.

Sometimes there’s tears, and others there’s smiles
and Sometimes they’ll stay around for a while
as they tell of a tale, of their pal that is lost
the one who paid the ultimate cost.

And the certificate that’s printed so,
will with the enquirer home will go
with memories and friendship rekindled at end
and acknowledgement of their army friend