Alarm Clock

27th February 2019 As the sun dipped below the horizon and changed shift with his pal the moon something constant kept on moving second hand moving the minutes whilst the hour hand waited to move forward and a marker sat like a sentry ready to fire a fifteen gun salute cats birds and dogs, creepContinue reading “Alarm Clock”

Early Morning

Salford 23rd August 2018 Squeaky doors are better clarion calls than any alarm clock on the market   Slumbered silence broken by a cistern attracts you to the noise of the nearby main road   Luna’s departure allows Ra to announce “The morning is here! it’s time to get up”   And motorised monsters orContinue reading “Early Morning”


#Time #Clock #Mechanism Salford 12th August 2018 Light permeated through the window pane as the clock chimed eight passing through the curtains and landing as a spray of colour on the floor and simultaneously, the radio lets everyone know, news current for the day just as the door opens and the elves get to workContinue reading “Clockwork”


In response to Numbers Numbers are everywhere, but as the arbiter of time they’re most important The Day ends and begins at Midnight – with one day putting its coat on and heading for the line of time in history whilst another gets ready to turn the sun in four or five hours time. And allContinue reading “Clockface”