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  • Microscopic


    #Napowrimo Your attempts at mending the clockwork toy were merely all in vain for that all elusive part that you look has gone towards the drain you were cleaning each part in the sink when a part or two headed for the brink a travel down to the sewage farm you thought you had saved […]

  • Pendulum


    #fowc #pendulum Keeping time and motion in balance as time moves forward so does the pendulum ever so slightly keeping the cogs and wheels hidden at the back of the clock turning the hour and minute hands

  • Happy thoughts

    Salford, 20th December #Writeclub A piece from write club (it may be the third of Jan – but thats when i wrote it) The clockwork machine stopped working Its stylus stopped writing on the paper As ideas rose in the air like a hot air balloon The engine wheels moving by minature mice The cogs […]

  • Alarm Clock

    27th February 2019 As the sun dipped below the horizon and changed shift with his pal the moon something constant kept on moving second hand moving the minutes whilst the hour hand waited to move forward and a marker sat like a sentry ready to fire a fifteen gun salute cats birds and dogs, creep […]

  • Clockwork

    #Time #Clock #Mechanism Salford 12th August 2018 Light permeated through the window pane as the clock chimed eight passing through the curtains and landing as a spray of colour on the floor and simultaneously, the radio lets everyone know, news current for the day just as the door opens and the elves get to work […]

  • Clock…acrostic

    Clock clock, long time successor to the sundial over the years I’ve watched you as guardian of time closely keeping a cog tooth on each second as it passes by keep on going, you’re doing a great job.