Could you unscramble the code before breakfast ? On the off chance you could do it in the time allotted Nine letters stand tween you and a golden prize Until then the safe remains locked, its contents sealed Noted wordsmiths tried and failed, Decoding the puzzle might take longer than they took Rotating the dialsContinue reading “Conundrum”


Fragile For years now, people have been ranting over the amount of packaging an item is wrapped in. a thing they need to consider is where it’s going to. There’s a lot of movement in a delivery van, and if the owners don’t want their precious vases turned into a jigsaw puzzle lifting the cargoContinue reading “Fragile”

The Note

Inscrutable Salford 31st January 2018 Investigating officers from Scotland Yard never could fully understand the piece of paper lying in the open safe. Was it written in some sort of cipher ? It could have been composed by a small child, but what kind of kid knew how to ratchet open a safe with threeContinue reading “The Note”


In response to the daily post prompt Rearrange (Alternative title : one lads quest against the puzzle machine) Salford, 28th October 2016 Ok, rearrange the mixed up puzzle bits… Christmas is coming up so its a definite bet I shall be getting one of these from Santa’s Sack from a well meaning relative in a few weeksContinue reading “Rearrange…”