Salford 17th August 2018 #Cake #Marzipan #Sweet #Battenburg #Sponge #Pudding #Jam Built like a sponge colossus to many – a teatime snack to enjoy just after your chops and vegetables now how much you have is down to you but then again – its a question of how much sponge unless of course, you don’tContinue reading “Battenburg”

Ode to a sandwich

Salford, 6th August So, here we are, with a noble invention A combination of ingredients Now brought together, with love tween two slices of bread Daintily paired, meats and vegetables When required –  sauces or spices It’s what you might call – a matter of taste Combining flavour and texture – the eater Happy inContinue reading “Ode to a sandwich”

Snack time

Bite lunch was two hours ago and dinner is hours away the hunger pangs are out of the cage And they’ve begun to play So over to the brown bread you go And forage for a filling or two When the jars of peanut butter and jam Located above tonight’s spiced ham Decide to greetContinue reading “Snack time”

Eggy Bread

Egg This ain’t no restaurant “French toast” it’s made over burning logs in the country air Foundation for the morning Set against a glorious sunrise and cups of camp tea Thick crusty bread absorbed in a lake of golden runniness Bacon awaits its partner as it cooks away in its fat Poor Man’s omelette ?Continue reading “Eggy Bread”

Fruit salad

Savor The Oranges sliced, sing on the plate… they’ve been quite lonely as of late all alone in their bowl of blue looking quite bright – but with nothing to do Now with apples, diced they share bowls that cooks of note prepare with other fruit from orchards near and strawberries grown in the fieldsContinue reading “Fruit salad”


Sandwich Scouting out the kitchen cupboards armed with two ciabatta rolls navigating your way through the meat in the fridge dark red salami and piquant spiced ham await with tempting tomato and cool cucumber in reach in the salad drawer coming together with mayo in a heavenly combination