Colours Poetry

Hot Magenta

#CYW #HotMagenta

Salford Street sign – in Hot Magenta

Its not what you’d call a subtle colour

and it couldn’t be called pink or purple

a fiery marriage where red meets blue

but mother nature seems to like

using their off spring to bring a bit

of eye catching colour to the garden

look around you’ll see it every where else too

in signs, on walls and in windows

the future’s bright – the future’s …. Magenta

Learning Museums

Making my way through Makaton

Tuesday 12th January 2016

Monday afternoons normally find me in the Imperial War Museum’s Ground Floor Section, where I help with Visitor Enquiries and the Your History Family History section

This Monday was a little bit different, as I joined a group of Volunteers in a session in one of our Learning Rooms where we learned about the Language programme, Makaton

Makaton helps those with learning or communication difficulties get what they want to say across using a mix of Signs, Symbols and Speech.  It helps develop their communication and literacy skills

We learned some basic concepts in using the Makaton System.  Our Tutor kept to the topic of how we would use Makaton within the Museum, and by the end of the session we had learned 30 concepts to do with the museum.

Hardest part of the session ? trying to describe something without talking!