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  • Cheerful

    #writeclub #cheerful Things are looking up colours exploding in the local green as sunshine appears through the the clouds little birds chirping to one and all as Mum and dad deliver breakfast from above their song filling the air as you walk by “Hello, Hello” they cheep and chirp as they try to grab your […]

  • WiFi

    #wifi #fowc Salford, 13th March An acrostic on WiFi technology in response to fandangos one word challenge Wireless…. It’s like your stereo, but it’s much more Fun….particularly if you like gaming It allows you to move around with your devices World Wide Web In the palm of your hands For the time you need Instant […]

  • Challenge 30 – no 5

    “Abstract ” #abstract #art #technology Creating summat out of the ordinary from something ordinary Created from my computer, watch and android phone And captured and “mucked around with ” by my ipad If I were to give this piece a title, I’d call it “watching over obsolescence”

  • Challenge 30 – No3

    Challenge 30 – No3

    Something in Colour and Black and white Something B&W and in Colour…. Two things, my England Barbarians Top and My Imperial War Museum Fleece The BaBa Rugby Shirt is Black and White, Whilst my Museum Fleece has had all the colour drained from it – it would be brilliant red if this were colour…. Both […]

  • Looking : A Found Poem

    #Love #Romance #Poetry Salford 14th January 2019 another found poem by me via Spike Milligans Box 18 I’ve stopped looking for that diamond that brightens up my day the beauty of your eyes still capture me in the evening light as we pass each other by and memories of walking through the daisy patch still […]

  • In their finest

    On a Sunday morning, In the bright sunshine You’ll see them all In their finest Taking a walk With husband or wife Along with the children, Escaping the strife No work for the blacksmith The shops are all closed They’ve all been to church So a walk is proposed And while making their way To […]

  • Hive of activity

    Salford, 1st January 2019 #newyear Since the bells chimed at twelve Dads been keeping a closely guarded secret It’s been cooking slowly in the oven While side dishes bubble away on the hob Table set, in all its finery Just waiting for the star attraction To make its grand appearance

  • Blue green

    Blue green

    Waterfalls and Closeups #coloryourworld #cyw #bluegreen A piece for colour your world also about the painting of a waterfall The painter played with his shades capturing land and sky luscious fields of green meeting up with shades of blue and as field and sky met Together at horizon, they converged forming new colour round middle […]

  • Weathered


    Another poem by inky Salford (via Llandudno) , 11th January 2018 Weathered I like the pebble beach at Llandudno. each of those stones, has their own tale to tell time taken over millions of years to form, then broken up and shaped over another stretch of time to create the many shapes that come together […]

  • Ode to a ham

    Ode to a ham

    Newbold Verdon, 25th december While the children played their games Under the gaze of the decorated Christmas tree You sat bathing in a sugary herbal bath Turning like cleopatra As you cooked away in the oranges, spices and cloves Sending sumptuous smells through the house Till it was time for you to join the vegetables […]