Snow 🌨

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Salford 28th February 2017


Winter ❄️ returns to Salford (c) brianfkirkham 28/2/17

So, here it goes

new Year and January have left the party

old father times moving on to spring

winter ❄️ you would think 💭 is getting ready to take a nap 😴

somebody didnt read the script at the pole

northern winds have delivered something, covering

over the terracotta tiles of the towns terraces

white, and fluffy and wild in places

spring seems to still be in hibernation

nice to look at the falling snow … clinging

on to every green branch in sight,

what i want to know, is could we build a snowman ⛄️?

sticking like glue while the mercury stalls,

nice to look at behind heated walls

overcoats needed as the white stuff falls

with only the hardiest making house calls


Animals, Seasons, Snowman, Weather, Winter

Jack Frost landed a wintery spell

hibernating animals – have a tale to tell.

Icy shapes fall through the air to the ground,

as crystals they break – without any sound


Temperature falls on the ground below,

turning the crystals to crisp white snow.

Covering ground, with white snow quite nice

which can be turned into blocks of clear cold ice


But most often than most – its used in a plan

by children in creating a great big snowman.

What’s truly agreed – whether young or old

the snow is a sign – It ain’t half cold!


Fun, Garden, Outdoors, Poetry, Seasons, Snowman, Winter

A Gold winning poem on a snowman – enjoy

Out in the Garden
the white stuff does blow
winter’s construction kit
(i’m talking of snow)

And out in the garden,
the kids have a plan
to create something brilliant
in the form of a snowman

The snow piles high
as he begins to take shape
snowflakes compacted
no room to escape

A smile made up from pebbles
Hat and scarf from out of the hall
The jolly big snowman
Now looks over garden wall

Occasionally met by the owners cat
who sits near his feet (on a snow covered mat)
he watches in the garden – both night and day
especially in the daytime – when his builders at play.