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#writephoto #storm

Somethings Brewing…..(Photo prompt from Sue Vincent)

#beyondthestorm #writephoto

Something told you it wasn’t going to be a

Terrific idea to venture onto the hills today, but

Of course you were out voted – as you and your pals

Rambled up the public footpath, seeking out paradise –

Maybe you could discuss what you found in that shelter – Atop the hill

Art Poetry

In Plain Sight

Salford, 13th February 2020

Hidden? Artwork by Inky from Stock Art @ Istock

She’s been trying to get your attention for weeks now

but when you try to seek her out

she’s nowhere to be found

perhaps her attempts for you to notice her

went a little too far – as now its become hard to deny

slipping away into the crowd

but sticking out like a glow worm at night

If only – you would turn your head

she would drop her mask and smile at you



#fowc #euphoria

Everybody knows , that

Unless the sky falls down – no bad things will

Penetrate the feeling you have right now – its

Heavenly, you’re walking on air

Orbiting a self – made solar system of your own design

Reality might bring you back to earth tomorrow, but that’s

Irrelevant – you’re living for today

As you lie in the sun on a deserted beach



#Fowc #Riddle

Rhymes that pose a question

In verse, or a song or a Rhyme

Difficult posers to ponder

Definitely takes you some time

Long winded questions – with no apparent answer

Except when the bell starts to chime

Acrostic Museums Poetry


#Fowc #Advance #Museums

A group of eager young minds

Dropped in on a historical building or two today

Very interested in taking in the displays

And getting a feel of some real items used of the time

Now , anyone could tell their enthusiasm was building as one or two led a

Charge up the stairwell –

Except for one thing – none of them knew their way around!


The Anglers Lament

#FOWC #Bait #Angler #Lament

The fisher sits on his seat of green,
surveying nets he’s sat in between.
He’s been sat there, since start of the day,
and only caught one – which he let swim away

He hoped by letting go of little fish,
he’d catch some bigger ones to put in his dish.
And as he waited – it came dimmer in th’light
as wispy grey clouds gathered in tight

He cast out two lines, wi hooks brimming wi bait,
casting them out with his arm out straight.
As he looked up to heaven, and awaited fate
all he could do was to sit down, and wait

This Ancient ritual, of releasing the fish,
hadn’t so far caught summat for th’dish
Another cup of tea he pours
Listening to stories on Radio 4,

But, Alas what is this, he hears to the east
above the sound of the Canada Geese?
It’s the sound of laughter, that’s a raisin’
of the big fish, safe, in another basin.

Acrostic Outdoor Pursuits Outdoors Poetry


#SoCs #Holidays

Packing our bags again

as we head off for a country break

camping under some national park stars

key to this essential journey – notepad, camera and pencils

if needed – wellies and wet weather gear

navigation and maps essential for hiking and

good sleeping bag for kipping under canvas

Acrostic Art Poetry


#fowc #sketchy

Doodle from Soccer Alex @

Some say, there’s the start of a masterpiece in that notebook of hers

Kept in a top draw of her work desk

End pieces for show ? No, but look beyond the layers of random doodle

There’s the beginnings of something that

Could be talked about by art critics for many years to come – but for now

Held away, till she’s ready for the world to see it

You could take a sneaky peek – but you would only see the first splat on the canvas

Acrostic Life Poetry


#fowc #prerogative

Picking out your own path

Really doesn’t need anyones permission

Even if you seek advice

Roads they travel down are down to you

Of course, there will be times you may

Go down the wrong route,

Reaction to that ? It’s part of the learning process

And the final decision is down to you…

There’s always another turn in the road, and

If you don’t like a particular path you can

Veer away from it if you want to

Expect a surprise or two…that’s life!



#Writephoto #Choice

Salford, 6th February 2020

bakewell stream

Choices vary when you’re off on a

hike, getting to a bank of a stream – gives you two

obvious ones – you can turn back and look for another path or

if you’re determined, you can get your feet wet

crossing the water to get where you want to go

eagle eyed scouts – have a third choice – consult the map