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  • Yellow-orange


    #CYW #Yellow-orange Someone’s been mixing up the citrus again the orange juice looks that little more…. what’s the word ? Zingy ? and that’s before you took the cap off the bottle Lifting the lid gives you a clue to the origin of the brighter orange there’s a zip of lemon, and the zest of […]

  • Yellow Green

    Yellow Green

    #CYW #Yellow-green A pair of most confused fruit hung from the citrus tree the gardeners couldn’t decide if they were lemons or limes you see as they were growing it was clear as can be two little green limes – hanging off the tree but soon there was change and sunshine appeared as the limes […]

  • WDYS – Superheroes

    WDYS – Superheroes

    Batman had took Superman for a day off by the beach “So Superman how are you enjoying your time by the sands?” Superman thought carefully – “Its nice, but i can’t help think someone’s in peril out there” Batman looked surprised – “Don’t you ever take a day off?” “Well, when i took Lois up […]

  • Random


    #Onelinerwednesday #napowrimo Picking out a strawberry in a bag of skittles

  • Green-Yellow

    There’s something about your shade you could be a fresh lemon, or a zesty lime on the canvas the artist just can’t decide, for the fruit in the bowl can be your colour while it ripens up turning yellow or green when its ready for eating

  • Electric Lime

    Elevated in its Coloured Leaves brighter than your oaks , ashes or sycamore Emitted Luminescence – it would probably light up in the dark Creating a lovely neon effect To some insects – its a dream plant – saying “come and eat me” Reality – the glow tells them to stay away In case the […]

  • Light green moments

    Light green moments

    Salford, 8th September 2018 Saturday morning, and I’m pondering the next shade of colour in fees fun foto challenge lime green now you say lime green to me, and my artistic thoughts go directly to the fruit bowl But limes nowadays seem much darker in tone than what I’d normally associate them with….you would have […]

  • Skittles

    20th July 2018 #Sweets #Fruit #Poetry   A Food acrostic – not to be confused with the game you throw a ball at 🙂   Sealed up in the big plastic bag Kept in your travel case Is a multitude of flavour – A rainbow of taste Tastebuds tingle, at the very Thought of flavours […]

  • Juicy


    Juicy     The humble lemon, like its siblings the orange and lime each segment is full of cells just bursting with juice as the fruit knife cuts through the peel to the zesty core each cell in its way bursts – releasing fresh lemon zest into the air while drops of lemon fall onto fresh marble

  • Electric lime

    Electric lime

    #coloryourworld #cyw #electriclime 16th February 2017 Zingy little fruit, full of zest and flavor and powerful punch   perfect , placed in a jelly sparky flavours contained in a porcelain mould   Sparks of delight pop off on the tongue and your luminosity   Green for go ! your sign the party power switches are all turned on