Off on a Walk

#Christmas #Dog #Walk Cooped up inside He tried his best to enjoy the festivities Reality is – despite playing with all his toys Indoors isn’t where he wanted to be So, he persuaded his owner To take him for a walk over the Mossy greens of the local park where A host of trees andContinue reading “Off on a Walk”


As they were released from the Strings holding them together, the Purple tipped stalks were prepared for the dinner plate A motley bunch of greens Roasted in a pan with other vegetables A side to the main food star on the plate Green and purple showing off the white of the fish Up and aroundContinue reading “Asparagus”


#Writephoto #Emerging Everybody – keep calm may as it seen – it looks like a giant coming through the wall every forester knows who it is – its Pan! reviving the trees and preparing them for autumn green grasses being pushed up by his fingers it might come as a shock – but hes aContinue reading “Emerging”

Yellow Green

#CYW #Yellow-green A pair of most confused fruit hung from the citrus tree the gardeners couldn’t decide if they were lemons or limes you see as they were growing it was clear as can be two little green limes – hanging off the tree but soon there was change and sunshine appeared as the limesContinue reading “Yellow Green”

WDYS – Superheroes

Batman had took Superman for a day off by the beach “So Superman how are you enjoying your time by the sands?” Superman thought carefully – “Its nice, but i can’t help think someone’s in peril out there” Batman looked surprised – “Don’t you ever take a day off?” “Well, when i took Lois upContinue reading “WDYS – Superheroes”

Wild Watermelon

#CYW #wild #watermelon Well, Fancy seeing that a fruit you don’t normally see that’s now up in the tall green trees in the park every fruit is currently holding on for dear life as its a right royal drop to the floor from where it is might be nice in slices – but i don’tContinue reading “Wild Watermelon”


#writeclub #cheerful Things are looking up colours exploding in the local green as sunshine appears through the the clouds little birds chirping to one and all as Mum and dad deliver breakfast from above their song filling the air as you walk by “Hello, Hello” they cheep and chirp as they try to grab yourContinue reading “Cheerful”