Fish and Chips – Kind Of

The noble fish sat on my plate hadn’t had a battering it had been enjoying a bath like Cleopatra getting all warm and tasty Upon leaving the path it was wrapped up in a coat of green to enhance its wonderful flavour and rested on a bed of buttery potato And while it lay thereContinue reading “Fish and Chips – Kind Of”


#Socs source : The Fourth Bear, Jasper Fforde, P.155 when you look out towards the river you’ll spot a swathe of green amongst the towering skyscrapers its the prettiest place you’ll have seen The fathers are sat perplexed at the mo, for they’ve been offered some cash to bestow so long as the man wiContinue reading “Unmapped”

In other words – Peanut Butter II

(### The FIVE LINES OR LESS EDITION ###) Scraping the content from around the brim While the jar of delight moves in the breeze It’s manna from heaven for this master of flight Now clinging on the chains in happiness as the Green bird gets his fill in the garden